Who The Hell Won?: Week of 10/17/11

Who the hell won last week? You did. We all did! Because Joey Lawrence decided to whore for some paparazzi snaps, and acted out the first scene of a Randy Blue video in a Los Angeles park! That was hot. But who were the runners-up for Manhunt Daily medals awarded by our handsome and intelligent readers? Find out after the jump!

– J. Harvey

Random Question: Are You Hypocritical If You’re Pro-Condom But Enjoy Watching “Bareback” Porn?

Personally, I was waiting for an all-out flame war on Dewitt’s post about using condoms but enjoying BB vids. Fuck me, cuz’ I’m a dope. There was an intelligent discussion in which the general consensus (among 35 comments) seemed to be no, it wasn’t hypocritical and that BB porn was just a fantasy to enjoy. Most of you also stated that while you think it’s hot to watch actors raw dog it, you would never fuck without a condom in real life. The other conclusion everyone seemed to come to was that Valentino is a BEEFY HOT PIECE OF AZZ. Agreed.

Who Would You Rather?: Revenge

Every ‘mo I know is watching ABC’s Revenge and OBSESSING over it. Seriously, it’s a return to the heyday of Dynasty/Dallas/Knot’s Landing and we have been hankering for some escapist “rich people fucking each other over” fantasy. Personally, I can’t get enough of watching blank-faced sociopath Emily Van Camp destroy the lives of every Bentley-driving twat in the Hamptons. Plus, she’s got every hot guy in town after her. Except for Nolan, who I’m betting plays for our team. Speaking of those hot guys, we asked you which one you’d be taking to Emily Thorne’s (aka Amanda Clarke’s) Fire & Ice engagement party and rimming on the beach afterwards. Here are the results:

Max Martini (Dragon Society Lady Madeleine Stowe’s taciturn and sexy security guard) 32.42%
Joshua Bowman (he plays Daniel, Stowe’s son on the show) 27.36%
Connor Paolo (Declan, the tavern owner’s cute little bro) 18.35%
Ashton Holmes (Daniel’s psychotic Harvard roommate who’s either trying to fuck him or steal his life) 13.15%
Nick Wechsler (Emily’s true love, tavern owner Jack) 8.72%

Nice guys obviously finish last.

iPhone Wars: Beard Battle!

Of course the porn star always wins! Yes, we snuck the infamous (and adorable) Steven Daigle into “iPhone Wars” last week. The former Big Brother star swept the poll with 51.79% of the vote. The only question is, did he win because he had the best facial follicles OR did he win because you have fond memories of seeing him take it up the ass? Hmm?

Fuck Vs. Fuck: The Maverick Men’s Bottom Boys

The Maverick Men have featured a variety of bum boys in their often controversial but always hot videos. We asked you which one you thought was the hottest out of six. There’s your multi(cock)-tasking winner up top. Billy took 37.84 of the votes. Congrats, Billy. Do me a favor and ask Gio where I can get a singlet with the butt missing? What, it’s cute!

Would You Hit That?: Trey Parker And Matt Stone

Never mind, Gio. I want Trey’s outfit. We asked if you guys would be the meat in a South Park sandwich, and you would! 48.68% of you agreed that “Yes, they’re hot and they crack me up! South Park rules!” Who knew that show had so many homosexual fans? Guys who just wanted to fuck Matt came in second with 16.23%. I guess we know which one is officially hotter, m’kay?

Aural Fixation: Which Of These Songs Makes You Want To Bang All Night Long?

Whenever we do any kind of music-related post, everyone clamors for us to start them up again full time. That’s weird, because all our statistics told us no one read the damn things. Anyway, Dewitt was kind enough to give it another go. Guess which song you would want to bump taints to all night long? The hardest-working bitch in the biz (YOU coming out from under Beyonce’s shadow), Kelly Rowland, took 50.18% of the vote with “Down For Whatever.” I hope that the guy with the badonka donk in the pic up top is down for whatever, too.

Fuck, Marry, Block: CNN Money’s 40 Under 40

Seacrest in! Out of our 3 multi-millionaires on CNN’s rich guy list, it appears as though most of you would walk Ryan Seacrest down the aisle. You would fuck Twitter czar Jack Dorsey (despite that dumb-looking nose ring). Mark Zuckerberg’s would have have shit luck on Manhunt, cuz’ most of you would block his ass. He didn’t exactly come off looking like a wonderful person in The Social Network, huh?

Who’s On Top?

Because this SNL Alec Baldwin sketch amused me so much, I made a whole post out of it. We asked you who was puttin’ it in out of….deep breath…Tom Cruise/David Beckham, Chace Crawford/Ed Westwick, Ben Affleck/Matt Damon, Seth Rogen/Jonah Hill, Bert/Ernie, and Han Solo/Luke Skywalker! Whew! Your decisions? Becks, Chace, Ben, Seth, Bert, and Han! You guys are drunk cuz’ there is no way in hell Chace Crawford is a top.

Hot Or Not?: Pre-Cum

Some guys think it’s gross. Some guys could care less. Some guys use it as lipgloss. What were your thoughts on pre-cum? Most of you are using it as the aforementioned lipgloss!

Top Or Bottom: Zachary Quinto

Wow, we really ARE obsessed with who’s doing what during fuck times. Spock/Sylar came out last week, and our only concern was whether he was a pitcher, catcher, or into the flip flop. Survey says – 30.41% of you think he’s a total switch!

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