The Zombie Apocalypse IS Here (Gay Edition)

Some of us are a part of the gay sex industry. Some fuck on film, some of us film it, some of us write about it. We should be supporting one another, encouraging a sense of community, and looking hot. We should be representing the consummation of healthy, natural sexual urges for men and providing a shiny (and sweaty) example to others!

We SHOULD NOT BE sending body parts to Canada’s various political party offices!

Joke all you want about the zombie apocalypse, but shit is HERE. People are eating people’s mugs in Miami! People are throwing their internal organs at people in New Jersey (wasn’t Snooki being a major TV star bad enough?)! And now Canadian Mounties are searching for a former gay porn actor named Luka Rocco Magnotta. He is being sought for questioning in several crimes, including a murder in which he allegedly mailed some of the victim’s body parts to the offices of the Conservative and Liberal parties in Ottowa. Supposedly there’s also a delightful video in which he butchers his victim that’s slithering around the Internet.

I tried to find some of his work, but it appears he has several aliases. I mean his porn work!

There are far less hideous ways to get attention, freakshow. And they don’t involve killing people. They also don’t involve wearing whatever animal you slaughtered for that tacky fur in the middle pic. Oh, did I mention that this guy is also reportedly behind some kitten murders which he reportedly filmed as well?

He’s currently on the lam. So if you see him, flee and phone the authorities. And don’t leave your pets with him.

I’m serious, though. How come the guys who do gay porn who later go on to commit crime do it in such a grotesque manner? Exhibit A. Exhibit B.

Please be sure to support your kindly, helpful, and wholesome gay porn actors.

– J. Harvey

6 thoughts on “The Zombie Apocalypse IS Here (Gay Edition)

  1. You counldnt even make this shit up if you wanted to….the only thing surprising to me is that he is a Canadian.  All this weird shit seems to always emanate from FLA.

  2. Yes, lol, it’s Ottawa.  This weirdo is messed up big time.  Last I heard was he fled the country, probably Europe, and now Interpol is chasing him.  There’s a warrant out for his arrest.  

  3. Still more examples, addison from sean cody, nikolay petrov. such a shame, at least with these 2 they were gay 4 pay and desperate for cash

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