The Locker Room: Chris Paul

Something big and NBA-related happened Wednesday night for the New Orleans Hornets. I don’t pretend to understand the allure of sports behind the athletes making me want to become a Basketball/Baseball/Football Trick Wife. But I do know they got first pick in the upcoming NBA draft. They get to choose the new guy they want and it’s usually the current greatest college basketball player in the world! All of this is leading me to introduce you to current New Orleans Hornet and team heartthrob Chris Paul.

If you like brown eyes, an adorable face, and a long tall…stature, Chris is your athlete!

– J. Harvey

To see more pics of Chris Paul (please try to ignore the supermodel chick stuck on him in some of them), Follow the JUMP:

10 thoughts on “The Locker Room: Chris Paul

  1. Chris Paul left the Hornets before this season started and is playing for the L.A. Clippers now

  2. HAHA good one, really MD you ought to hire a gay guy with some real sports knowledge to write this section, and not leave it to someone like J. Harvey (no offense) that just has a big lump in his pants over some of these jocks. 

    Besides playing with the Clippers all season, Paul and his team were just eliminated from the playoffs last week by the Spurs, so it might be more timely to find a hot guy still playing from the Heat, Celtics, Thunder or Spurs…..just a suggestion.  Attached is one Russell Westbrook of the OKA Thunder.

  3.  Naw, he signed a multi year contract.  The draft is only for players coming out of college, or sometimes high school.  New Orleans will likely pick Anthony Davis of Kentucky, but if you are looking for cute draft picks, check out Austin Rivers. Doc Rivers son, who will be “coming out” in the draft this year from Duke….hey, can I write this column???

  4. Love sports, ambivalent about basketball, kind of excited for the Hornets … also echo the Austin Rivers suggestions.

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