Underwear Drawer: UNB’s Swimwear Guide 2012

Underwear News Briefs is a male underwear blog, and they’ve been kind enough to let us use some of their pics in the past. They’ve shot a pictorial for their annual Swimwear Guide and we are ganking their pictures for your perusal! It’s ok, I asked.

What will you be wearing on the beach this summer? Trunks? Board shorts? Speedo? Thong? NOTHING? If you’ve got the body, go with that last option. Just use SPF. Lobster-colored = not cute.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Underwear News Briefs

To check out the rest of UNB’s Swimwear Guide 2012, Follow the JUMP:

12 thoughts on “Underwear Drawer: UNB’s Swimwear Guide 2012

  1. Why not add a “Close-up”,of the Model on the right,in the first Pic !!!!!     🙂

  2. Wishing I were their age again – I could so much get into a  speedo show and tell!!

  3. Now I wanna go throw up the pizza I just ate. 

    Why is the guy with the biggest dick in the back?

  4. that grey thing in the first pic? really? someone would wear something like that to the beach? well, maybe a gay beach….
    even from a distance you can see the outline… and what an outline it is!

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