BREAKING NEWS: Jake Cruise Wins Manhunt Daily Twerking Contest Without Ever Entering

Well, this is a surprising development! I was going to keep the Manhunt Daily Twerking Contest open all summer long, even though Manhunt member Cocokirby was a clear frontrunner in the race. Unfortunately, it appears that I’ve been thrown a curve ball. Gay porn mogul Jake Cruise popped […]

The Amateur Hour: I Am So Jealous of This Guy’s Legs (And Everything Else About Him)

Has our twerking contest found its grand prize winner? This past Friday, I made an announcement that anyone who’s brave enough to submit a video will win one of the many prizes listed here. In fact, the cute guy you’re about to watch—otherwise known as […]

Shake Your “Bubble Butt” In Manhunt Daily’s First Annual Twerking Contest!

Yesterday, I was eavesdropping on a conversation between J. Harvey and another Manhunt colleague. Since my memory is shit, I don’t remember every little detail, but their dialogue somehow led to the suggestion that there should be a twerking contest at Bear Week in Provincetown. […]