The Amateur Hour: Twerkin’ With No Clothes On

When I made the random decision to start an impromptu twerking competition two Fridays ago, I didn’t think anyone was actually going to enter. You guys aren’t much for the whole audience participation thing! It was like pulling teeth to get people to submit to It Happened On Manhunt and our Coming Out Month series, and with the exception of those times you showed us your dicks, butts and balls, you’re usually too shy or afraid of judgment to show us what you’re working with.

Thankfully, four brave souls have stepped up to the plate with outstanding video contributions, each magnificent in their own special way. Loyalty888 broke the ice with a jockstrap-clad booty romp, Atlas followed him with some sweet c0lor-changing action and Cocokirby gave them both some fierce competition with his defined legs, killer moves and oh-so-welcoming muscle cheeks.

All three of these guys received a prize for their contribution, and now, newcomer calidude_‘s completely nekkid dance earned him a free six-month unlimited membership to Manhunt. Although he incorporates a few great techniques here, I’m a big fan of the view from the side. He arches his back pretty well for someone who claims to be a total top. ;P

If you’re feeling brave, find out how to submit your own video here.

– Dewitt

Watch the fourth submission to our twerking competition below:


So what are you waiting for? Find out how to submit your own video here.



11 thoughts on “The Amateur Hour: Twerkin’ With No Clothes On

  1. Yum!! Can you just imagine that ass doing all that with your cock in it? Makes my head spin at the thought.

    CaliDude…NICE ass and thanks for showing the entire sexy package!

  2. I would eat that fucking dark chocolate hole up…damn…wet it …deep tongue fuck it…then slide in balls deep and fuck that hot beautiful made in heaven hole

  3. First off have to give all these guys making these videos some applause because it takes balls, SO TO SPEAK, to let everyone see this being done!

    But this guy, as much as I enjoyed watching it and seeing his naked body, it looked more like he was advertising his willingness to bottom for someone than working the song.

    No offense intended dude just making that video gives you a big thumbs up because I couldn’t do it!

    But the last oneTwerk-3 is still the winner so far.

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