The Amateur Hour: I Am So Jealous of This Guy’s Legs (And Everything Else About Him)

Has our twerking contest found its grand prize winner? This past Friday, I made an announcement that anyone who’s brave enough to submit a video will win one of the many prizes listed here. In fact, the cute guy you’re about to watch—otherwise known as Manhunt‘s own Cocokirby—was already rewarded with a six-month unlimited membership to the site, and we’re in talks to take him out to lunch some time. We give him a Manhunt jockstrap too (because we liked him that much).

Our very first contestant, loyalty888, got a free membership to Dominic Ford, and we might even throw in a few other perks to show our gratitude for his booty… Oh, and this hot piece of ass? He’s going to get a prize too! As soon as he gets back to us about what he wants, of course. (Not that we’re being passive-aggressive or anything.)

We still haven’t figured out what would be a suitable grand prize for the ultimate winner, so feel free to throw out suggestions in the comments section. Also, don’t forget to show love on your favorite contestant’s post, because that might help us in making our final decision. Let me reiterate that you should show some love for your favorite contestants. We will not take any bad-mouthing or trash-talking into consideration when choosing our winner.

But enough about that! Let’s watch this guy’s video and stare in amazement at his ass-shaking ways.

– Dewitt

Watch the third submission to our twerking contest below:






21 thoughts on “The Amateur Hour: I Am So Jealous of This Guy’s Legs (And Everything Else About Him)

  1. Oh. My. Glob.

    My penis just fainted and needs immediate mouth to mouth… from his ass!!! Those legs, that ass, those abs, that ass!

  2. So yeah I think this dude’s backside is fit to replace the white fella’s on the manhunt ‘twerk” poster!!

    Sorry Dewitt that my ass is fat with a F and not a PH I couldn’t help you out, but this boy just did!

  3. wtffffffff. how did i miss all these twerking videos!? this man is a god. dewitt, i love you so much for this

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