Shake Your Ass For Me, And I Will Give You Free Stuff.

Remember that ridiculous twerking contest I launched a week ago? It’s evolved from a traditional “contest” into something more akin to a giveaway. In other words? I am bribing you all to get on camera and do things with your butts, and the list of potential prizes grows with each new day that passes. I might even start offering rimjobs to anyone who’s brave enough to enter! Maybe. Possibly. But probably, most definitely not.

You can check out the full list of prizes and details on how to enter here. If we get enough entries, I might be able to convince the powers-that-be at Manhunt to spring for a big grand prize… But, um, I have no idea what people want these days besides free porn and jockstraps. Lube? Tech gadgets? A Kinky Kyle sex doll that you can make love to on a nightly basis, as you stare into his beautiful blue eyes and swoon like you’ve never swooned before? Throw out suggestions! It can’t hurt to ask, and I’m kind of willing to do anything to see your butt. Really.

Speaking of butts, we received another video this morning from a reader with a thick booty that I’d very much like to ravage. Even though he cheated and picked his own song—“Pantscada” by TCY Force—I’m willing to forgive him since he incorporated a Julian Serrano-inspired color-swap and threw in a jockstrap at the end. I’ve got to say, though, my favorite parts of this clip are when he drops it down and brings it back up. That is a nice view. A very, very nice view.

– Dewitt

Watch the second submission to our twerking contest below:



312 thoughts on “Shake Your Ass For Me, And I Will Give You Free Stuff.

  1. Great video! Like the costume changes. That song gave me a headache tho lol. Was the girl having an orgasm or screaming?

  2. My only regret in you doing this is that I didn’t ask you to sit on a dildo for me. (Or did I? I can’t remember.)

  3. thanks! the chick was definitely having an orgasm. the song is from an animated tv show called panty and stocking where said nature is pretty normal

  4. Good on you, Atlas but maybe you should dub the correct song over this video because the one you used seriously grates the nerves. More power to you! Shake that money maker.

  5. i give this guy props for havin the guts to do this, but he really can’t twerk that twerking cat was better than this, lord god

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