The Amateur Hour: The Cub Who Twerked Me

I’m not sure when I fell in love with Manhunt member liguyny3. It could have been during one of my legendary Manhunt chat room sessions, or it could have been through the comments section of a little blog called Manhunt Daily. Whatever the case, he’s a ridiculously sexy cub with a level of sexual confidence that I truly envy, and it would not be inaccurate to say that I would like his tongue and dick buried between my ass cheeks.

But that’s a story for a whole other day! Right now, I’m here to share his submission to the Manhunt Daily Twerking Contest. He was very humble when he e-mailed this over, writing to us: “Not sure if I’ve got the twerking thing down and my ass isn’t exactly a bubble butt, so I just shook it as much as I could. I think you’ll enjoy it.”

And he was right! If the throbbing dick in my shorts isn’t any indication, I enjoyed it quite a bit. So much so, that if he’s up for the task, I might want to send him to the New York date of the Accidental Bear Queer Music Tour to represent Manhunt Daily and sexually harass Big Dipper on our behalf. Should he not be able to make it to the show, I’ve already set up his Manhunt account with six free months of unlimited membership.

Remember! EVERYONE is a winner in this twerking contest, and I’ll be giving away prizes all summer long (or until they run out). Find out what you can win and how to submit your video here.

– Dewitt

Watch liguyny3’s submission to our twerking contest below:





5 thoughts on “The Amateur Hour: The Cub Who Twerked Me

  1. I got posted! Dewitt, I think our love affair started in the manhunt daily comments, although I forgot our anniversary, sorry babe. I think the best prize would be Big Dipper, you, and me burying all of our faces in all of our asses

  2. I won’t enter the contest, but if you wz<nt, Dewitt, I would be more than gladly to send you a vid of me jerking and eating my cum. 😉

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