Fantasia Barrino Just FUCKED All Your Faves With A Strap-On & Y’all Better BOW DOWN To The Power of Her DICK!

MY BITCHES! The supreme royal twat Boulangerié Knowles is back to bring you the realest realness from my soul sister Fantasia Motherfuckin’ Barrino. You might be wondering where the FUCK I’ve been, and child, do I have a story for you! Dewitt straight-up locked me […]

Aural Fixation: Which of These Songs Makes You Want To Bang All Night Long?

Do you miss our Weekly Top Ten countdown? Well, welcome to our very first edition of Aural Fixation! Each week, we’ll lure you in with pictures of atrociously attractive gentlemen, and then present you with four new songs that could potentially appear on your “Bumpin’ […]