The Weekly Top Ten Is Back!… Well, Sort Of.

Those of you who miss our regular Weekly Top Ten feature on Manhunt Daily can take solace in the fact that it’s been (sort of) reinvigorated by the folks at DList. They’re running a 2011 Song of Summer contest, and for once it doesn’t look like Lady Gaga‘s a forerunner in the race!

As you can see, the rules are quite different for their countdown. They’ve offered up twelve selections. You can vote for up to six, and the top six will move on to the next round. In other words? It’s just as complicated as our system, and it’s sure to satisfy those of you who are obsessive about sales numbers and chart performance.

Head over here to find links for each of the song and cast your vote. We’re rooting for Foster The People, but it’s pretty much a given that this round’s going to Britney

– Dewitt

4 thoughts on “The Weekly Top Ten Is Back!… Well, Sort Of.

  1. I’m glad this section is back. I’ve been missing it since April. I gave my vote to Katy Perry since that song is a lot of fun.

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