Kelly Rowland: “Dirty Laundry”

Remember back in the day when you’d actually purchase physical copies of albums, pop them into your stereo, open up the liner notes and read along with the lyrics while you listened for the first time? It would be great if you could do that with Kelly Rowland‘s confessional new single “Dirty Laundry”… OH WAIT, YOU CAN! Click here for a link to the lyrics, then hit the play button to learn about the trials of Destiny’s (Other) Child:

We know, we know! She rhymes “motherfucker” with “motherfucker”, but this is less about the songwriting than the place it’s coming from. Rowland is letting us into her life more than she ever has in the past, talking (or singing) openly about her time in an abusive relationship and how it influenced her complicated relationship with Beyoncé. There’s definitely some resentment here, both toward the man in question, the success of her “sister” and, well, herself.

Point blank, this isn’t going to be a huge pop crossover hit, but it’s a brave and commendable move for Rowland as an artist. While she could achieve success sticking to slinky sex jams like “Motivation” or throbbing club cuts like “Commander“, she’s instead opted to open up and share her world with us… And even if it feels the tiniest bit self-exploitative? We’re suckers for this gritty realness.

– Dewitt



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