Deviant Otter Tones Down The Kink For His Latest Video Release

Within a very short period of time, Deviant Otter has established a solid reputation for being one of gay porn’s kinkiest personalities. He has a healthy love for watersports, double-penetration, young cum whores, older cum whores and recruiting established stars like Bravo Delta for poppers-fueled […]

Sean Zevran, Ryan Rose & Peter Le Are Sexy Dancing Angels That Glow In The Dark

Oh, look! Andrew Christian has a new video out where Landon Conrad, Jimmy Fanz, Peter Le, Sean Zevran, Ryan Rose and some other hot dudes dance around to an EDM track while wearing angel wings, glittery eye-patches, glowing neon yellow hazmat suits and (apparently) underwear […]

Straight Guys Are Gay: The Homoerotic Heteros of “Whoa, Dude!”

My favorite tall person with a beard, Jonny McGovern, promised he’d fuck me for a good post about “Whoa, Dude!“, his new web-series that brings together the “funniest intentionally and unintentionally homoerotic clips created by your fave local frat boys, skaters military men, jocks and […]