This Is The Best Thing To Happen On The Internet All Week.

One of my priorities in life is to find a friend who will dance in his underwear with me. This could be strictly platonic, or it could lead to rimjobs and finger-banging. Whatever the case, it’s a void in my life that needs to be filled. I’m constantly on the lookout for someone who will awkwardly gyrate in his briefs with me (like this). He’s out there on Manhunt somewhere, I know it…

Or maybe he’s in this new lip sync video from Randy Blue?!?! (Or perhaps he’s actually just their former model Levi Michaels.) Before you go moaning and groaning about another lip sync video, I assure you that this is a MUST SEE on so many levels. Much like the studio’s tribute to Kylie Minogue, it’s extremely entertaining to see models like Lance Luciano get very into it while dudes like Jarec Wentworth and Jay Landford, well, try their best.

(Colby Keller is priceless too, so all you haters need to bottom for a chainsaw!)

The song, of course, is none other than Queen Bey‘s cherry-tearing anthem “Blow”. Considering this is one of the sexiest songs recorded within the past 10,000,000 years, these boys could be standing still, and I’d have a giant boner lurking in my shorts.

– Dewitt

Watch Randy Blue‘s ***flawless Beyoncé tribute below:




21 thoughts on “This Is The Best Thing To Happen On The Internet All Week.

  1. lol u can totally tell the gay ones, instead of the gay for pay ones……as the gay ones have rythm

  2. All the men in this video is hot. I hope they weren’t the male strippers that went to the Long Island, New York nursing home and danced for senior citizens. LOL

  3. Haha. It looks like Diego Sanz has been waiting for this moment his entire life.
    And I think there’s nothing sexier than a guy doing his best at dancing. They look so awkward and cute. Basically, what I’m saying here is…more Austin Wolf, please. 🙂

  4. LMAO…Lance Luciano was really into it. I love it. I wish there was more Austin Wolfe, Jarec and Lance Alexander. The song is ok…a lot of sexual innuendos that I have to process. haha. This is such an upgrade from that annoying Helix video with the twinks singing to Blurred Lines. Omg…that video gave me hypertension.

  5. They’re all so sexy and beautiful and then Colby Keller appears, and is so out of place. Can’t figure it out. A visit to a barber shop would help.

  6. Cool video and LOTS of hot sexy guys… and then Colby Keller appears and the boner is wiped out. He looks so out of place here. I’m guessing he has some financial interest in Randy Blue, because he doesn’t fit in. A trip to a barber shop would really help.

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