Deviant Otter Tones Down The Kink For His Latest Video Release

Within a very short period of time, Deviant Otter has established a solid reputation for being one of gay porn’s kinkiest personalities. He has a healthy love for watersports, double-penetration, young cum whores, older cum whores and recruiting established stars like Bravo Delta for poppers-fueled fuck fests with light fisting action. Once upon a time, he said this to us in an exclusive interview:

“I think it’s funny when people ask me what makes me so ‘deviant’. What do people need me to do? I fist people and piss in their assholes. How much more kinky do I need to get?”

Now, for his latest trick, Deviant Otter will be exploring a brand new fetish by inviting five other men to… Help him lip-sync Meghan Trainor‘s annoyingly inescapable pop hit “All About That Bass”? Yeah, I didn’t think that was how I was going to finish that sentence either.

– Dewitt

Watch Deviant Otter dancing naked and twerking in the video below:






6 thoughts on “Deviant Otter Tones Down The Kink For His Latest Video Release

  1. It’s interesting that I’m watching this video while President Obama is speaking nationally. This video took my mind off the depressing things going on in the U.S. with both do nothing parties in Congress. Deviant Otter is a cute guy and he’s sexy in his own way. I considered him an average attractive guy, not too muscular and not too out of shape. However, I don’t like some of his sexual adventures.

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