Sean Zevran, Ryan Rose & Peter Le Are Sexy Dancing Angels That Glow In The Dark

Oh, look! Andrew Christian has a new video out where Landon Conrad, Jimmy Fanz, Peter Le, Sean Zevran, Ryan Rose and some other hot dudes dance around to an EDM track while wearing angel wings, glittery eye-patches, glowing neon yellow hazmat suits and (apparently) underwear from the fashion label’s new BLOW! line. It’s sort of like this classic episode of Golden Girls, but approximately 9,800,000 times gayer according to nine out of ten dentists:

Golden Girls Exercise Flawless Divas Getting It Yaaaaasssss

All in all, it’s undeniable that this is really effective advertising. As soon as I finish compiling this post, my plans are to put on my BLOW! WEB THONG and log onto the app Jack’d to find someone who’s willing to rave with me until the break of dawn. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that if I dance hard enough, Jimmy Fanz will fly down from the clouds and swallow my penis with his hairy butthole. That’s the sort of thing that happens when you wear Andrew Christian underwear (at least according to their videos).

– Dewitt

Check out some sexy glowing porn stars doing sexy things in the video below:




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6 thoughts on “Sean Zevran, Ryan Rose & Peter Le Are Sexy Dancing Angels That Glow In The Dark

  1. Hmm…you’d think if they want you to buy the underwear they would do an advertisement that actually shows the underwear.

  2. Interesting that Peter Le has more contact with another man in an Andrew Christian video than he does on his GAY PORN SITE…

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