4 thoughts on “So Who Won RuPaul’s Drag Race?

  1. I was almost a little surprised it wasn’t a tie. Bebe and Nina both are gorgeous, talented, and have great personalities. I do agree though that Nina’s language barrier would/could have hurt her in the long run, but the fact that she doesn’t let it get to her makes her very special. It may have even been rigged due to irrelevant details outside the show, green card status maybe?
    I didn’t like Rebbecca at all. All through the season i had to agree with the others that were saying she was fake. And i didn’t think she was nearly as pretty as they led on. I’m sure it was all for the drama that she was kept as long as she was.

  2. congrats bebe! she (along with ongina) was always one of my favourites!
    bebe’s style was soo unique and beautiful. her regaleness and talent were only outshown by her humility and grace.
    here’s to a long and wonderful career.
    @ russ, isn’t nina a “boricua” (puertorican)? they’re citizens and can travel between the two countries with no problems.

  3. I see Bebe working every weekend up here in Minneapolis…it wasn’t a big surprise for me.

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