The Episode Of “Straight Chexxx” With The Drag Queen And Markie Moore Eating Ty Thomas’ Ass By The Garbage Cans

What is it with porn being shot beside trash receptacles lately? Anyhoo, Next Door’s “Straight Chexxx” continues to be the porn drama that keeps on giving. True, they haven’t gotten around to Markie More and Quentin Gainz fucking yet (AND THAT HAD BETTER BE THE […]

MUST WATCH: Island House’s Andrew Christian Parody Is Utterly Genius

Last week, Randy Blue released a hilarious video entitled “Top 10 Overused Gay Porn Scenarios“, which appeared to throw subtle (or not so subtle) shade toward Hot House, Bait Bus, Maverick Men, Straight Fraternity, Sketchy Sex and occasionally cheesy plot-driven sites like MEN.COM. It was […]

Just Some Bros Being Bros (And Practically Banging One Another)

You’re about to watch a video called “Bromosexuals“. It features two supposedly straight guys doing things that all straight guys do—shotgunning beers, scratching their butts, playing video games, simulating oral sex, tearing one another’s underwear off and getting their butts shaved by their drag queen […]

Did Topher DiMaggio Secretly Lose His Ass Virginity For Andrew Christian?

We don’t usually print anonymous tips, but this one was too juicy to pass up on! An unnamed reader e-mailed us last night to reveal that popular gay porn star Topher DiMaggio (allegedly) prepared for his upcoming “Top To Bottom” scene by (allegedly) getting gangbanged […]