Propositon 8 Update

Prop 8 Protest

Proposition 8 battles are still raging in California. The future of the ban on same-sex marriage is uncertain and reactions are still coming from all sides, here's some of the highlights from the past few days:

The California Fair Political Practices Commission will be investigating the role the Mormon Church played in the political battle before the election. The Church is accused of under-representing the extent of the work they did to pass Prop. 8, including raising $25 Million for the cause.

We wrote about the California Supreme Court taking up the cases against Prop. 8, and guess who may be the head of defense? Ken Starr, who many remember as the merciless prosecutor who brought out the dirty little details of the Lewinsky Affair during the late 1990's

The New York Times publishes an editorial in favor of striking down Prop. 8, the editorial includes good analysis of the constitutionality of the proposition and the dangerous precendents it could set.

Dan Wentzel, of the Washington Post, writes about his experience with a bigoted bus driver in a "post-Proposition 8 world."

– Andy

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