Madonna Gets a Divorce in 4 Minutes…More or Less

Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Madonna was granted a quick divorce from her now ex-husband Guy Ritchie. As part of the divorce settlement, Madonna and Guy will share custody of their two sons David and Rocco. The boys will be spending their time equally between the States and London. Lourdes will remain with Madonna in New York.

The former couple will be selling some of their homes and splitting the profit. However, Guy will get to keep their $10 million country estate and the Punchbowl pub. It was also reported that Guy turned down a $10 million divorce settlement. He said from the beginning that he didn't want any of Madonna's money.

Hmmm…I was thinking that the divorce was going to be messy, but I guess I'm wrong. Oh well. Madonna is now free to date A-Rod.

– Andy

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