On The Hunt: The Best Scenes of 2011

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, you won’t have to deal with these 2011 round-ups much longer. We’re going to wrap things up this weekend by finally announcing the recipients of our Hottest Cock Slut and “Get Inside Me Now” awards, followed by Monday morning’s very special, end-of-the-year edition of Popular Demand.

Now that we’ve filled you in on our evil plan, let’s take a look at this year’s most popular OnTheHunt scenes! It may come as no surprise that mega-hung porn stars Rafael Alencar and Trevor Knight make multiple appearances on the countdown (along with anything-goes newcomer Kenedy), but some of you might be shocked to discover who took second place…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: OnTheHunt

Click through for this year’s best scenes:


10. DOM & BLAKE:

The OTH Casting Director said: “Dom, our straight guy, and Blake, his buddy at the gym, had never done anything together before, and Dom had never even been with another guy. So after a little convincing, we got Dom to agree to fuck Blake… These 2 kiss passionately which leads into Blake giving Dom some expert head (Dom was not quite ready yet to return the favor). And finally the big event! I won’t spoil it for you but let’s just say, for a first time top, Dom definitely knew how to give Blake’s hole a workout!”



The OTH Casting Director said: “On one side we have Drew Cutler, a performer known for his legendary FAT cock… On the other side we have porn megastar (and international escort of the year) Rafael Alencar, who has one of the biggest fuck poles in the biz. His ten-inch dick has worn out many an experienced bottom in the industry and Rafael is known for his ‘all the way in and all the way out’ cock slamming which often leaves his bottom co-stars aching for days! But Drew was up for the challenge and just for good measure we decided to broadcast this ‘fuck-a-thon’ live in the Manhunt chat.”



The OTH Casting Director said: “Bodie was checking out profiles on Manhunt, and he came across a gorgeous tattooed hunk named Gabriel. He answered his profile and luckily for us, they allowed OnTheHunt to film their hardcore hookup! You can feel the chemistry between them as they talk to each other and make out passionately, with lots of licking too. Their passion gets a little rough at times, but it only intensifies the action.”



The OTH Casting Director said: “We get lots of feedback from our members telling us that they want to see older guys with younger guys, so we were really excited when our little Brazilian friend Kenedy told us that he wanted to do a scene with muscle-man Damien. Often in older-younger scenes, the older guy is the top and the younger guy is the bottom… But not this time! Watch Kenedy work out Damien’s muscle ass with his uncut cock and, as usual, watch Damien love every second of it!”



The OTH Casting Director said: “When we found out that horse-hung porn star Trevor Knight was coming to Boston for a visit, we had to have him over to film a scene or two for OnTheHunt! But, to be perfectly honest, it isn’t always easy to find a bottom who’s willing to get pounded by Trevor’s massive ten-inch monster… We gave it some thought and tried to figure out if we had a hot and willing bottom in the area, and we all agreed Edy was the one. We called him up, and before we could even get the words ‘ten inch dick’ out of our mouths, Edy was IN!”



The OTH Casting Director said: “Frat jock Adam Wirthmore is back! You may remember that, just two short years ago, he did his very first scene for OnTheHunt and got his virgin hole pounded by both Jeremy Hall and David Dakota. After that shoot, his star just exploded! He went on to film a ton of scenes for different companies and become a boner-fied porn star. In this scene, he’s joined by our favorite big-dicked top Trevor Knight, who has pounded many a hot hole here at OnTheHunt.



The OTH Casting Director said: “During his first solo appearance, Angelo mentioned that he would love to do a scene with porn star Matthew Rush. Well, we sent Matthew some pictures of Angelo, he liked what he saw, and this week you’ll see what happens when they hook up at our most recent shoot in Florida… As Angelo lies on his stomach, Matthew glides his pulsing manstick inch by inch inside that tight round bubble ass. He pounds him doggystyle then flips Angelo over, hoists his legs in the air and plants his fat cock deep inside Angelo’s hole.”



The OTH Casting Director said: “Our boy Kenedy is one brave bottom. After watching the relentless ass assault inflicted on Ian’s ass by power top Rafael Alencar, he was STILL willing to bend over and spread for him! Kenedy is such a boyishly sweet guy with a beautiful smile and amazing eyes, but when it comes to sex he really knows how to throw down in the bedroom. If Rafael thought he was going to have to go easy on this bottom he was sorely mistaken. And once Rafael realized what Kenedy could take he wasted no time tearing up his hole in EVERY position possible.”



The OTH Casting Director said: “Roman did very well with OnTheHunt and soon other sites started to feature his hot ass and effortless muscles as well. But we still maintain he was our discovery and that we had first crack at his, well, crack… When we decided to shoot in Boston again we knew we wanted to try to get Roman back and so we encouraged him to drop by and to show us what he learned since his last visit to our place. We paired him up with a big, hot, uncut Latin stud, Marco, and we asked Roman to bottom for this dude’s great cock. Roman needed to do some hole stretching to accommodate Marco’s fat cock and thank god he did, because Marco went to town on Roman’s bubble-butt.”



The OTH Casting Director said: “Ian had just arrived at the shoot house and hadn’t yet seen what Rafael was hiding in his pants, so we cornered him and asked if he would be willing. Unfortunately, he insisted on seeing Rafael’s cock first, and let’s just say he was hesitant. We got the usual song-and-dance about how it had been months since Ian had last been fucked, and how it might hurt too much, and yada-yada-yada, but Rafael – and his tool – can be quite persuasive to a true bottom. He assured Ian that he would start off easy and gently, and Ian finally agreed. The scene starts off sweet and nice with lots of kissing and oral, and Rafael was true to his word. He eased his big Brazilian dick into Ian’s tight hole, but once Ian was opened up, Rafael took his ass on a ride that Ian will NEVER forget! For more than 30 minutes Rafael pile-drived Ian’s hole so hard that Ian shot his load all over his own face. You gotta see this one to believe it!”



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13 thoughts on “On The Hunt: The Best Scenes of 2011

  1. Rafael Alencar is one of the best tops ever…but I have seen him bottom as well and guys he can also take some cock in that Brazilian hole of his… I think he would also be a nice guy to ….well just meet and chat.

  2. Damien & Kenedy- older and younger? How much older is Damien than Kenedy? They both look a bit on the young side to ,e, and having been a fan of “older” all my life- even now, at 58, my husband is 8 years older, and a real WOOF!- I don’t see enough of a difference in their apparent age. Oh, and someone should tell Kenedy (or his parents) that taking a well-known name and dropping a letter her and there is SO not current. If you aren’t satisfied with the name you were given, and you want to come up with a new one, try looking through the huge number of names that are out there. We don’t all have to be unique, after all. Just real!

  3. sorry- I meant “here (NOT her) and there”. I should be more careful after all the pokes I have taken at folks for atrocious spelling.

  4. whoever wrote the comments for #5 wasn’t watching what they were doing. Come on guys, you are journalists (of a sort). Get the words right!

  5. That photo of Roman and Marco (#2) is definitely one of most jizz-inducing pictures of 2011.  Good call in using it in Manhunt banner ads.

  6. Oh, calm down! I just accidentally deleted the “and” when I copied and pasted the OnTheHunt casting director’s scene description.

  7. Rafael is sooooo fucking hot. I have a friend who booked some time with him when he was in New York City. He said that he is actually incredibly sweet, passionate, versatile and a real pleasure to be around.  Sigh…I wish that friend had really been me.

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