The Ten: Roman Dawidoff & His Chiseled Body Have Lasted On Top For Four Weeks

Aside from Roman Dawidoff destroying the competition for his fourth consecutive week, there’s quite a bit of excitement happening on today’s round of The Ten! Gay porn site Randy Blue has proven they have impeccable taste, since five of the competitors currently model or previously modeled in their scenes—Jarec […]

Thank Cock It’s Friday: Adam Wirthmore & Angel Rock Fuck By (And In) The Pool

I hadn’t planned on giving Falcon‘s “virtually bareback” (and entirely pointless) flick California Dreamin‘ any extra attention, but oops, my plans have changed now that I remember On The Hunt alumnus Adam Wirthmore has reunited with Angel Rock‘s big, uncut cock for the film’s third scene. As […]

Digital Condom Removal In Gay Porn: Will This Actually Appeal To ANYONE?

The future is now! Falcon Studios has produced the first (?) virtually bareback gay porn film, in which condoms are digitally removed to provide the illusion that performers are fucking raw. According to Gay Porn Blog—or the press release that nobody bothered sending to me—Falcon/Raging […]