Flashback Friday: Mike O’Grady

Playgirl‘s 1983 Man for August, Mike O’Grady, looks like he’s ready to toast to the year ahead of us! More accurately, he looks like he’s ready to watch reruns of The A-Team and party like it’s 1984. For real, guys. That hair is ridiculous. What were y’all thinking back then? Mikey looks like he traveled forward in time and took fashion tips from Penn Badgley.

And yet I find myself oddly drawn to him? I don’t really know how to explain it, but I’m going to blame it on the pornstache… When in doubt, you can always blame it on the ‘stache.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Alison Morley

Click through to see more pics of Mike O’Grady:

(via Brutos Eros)

12 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Mike O’Grady

  1. Wow.  Not usually into the “flashback” guys, but he’s VERY nicely built!!  Plus I love the flaccid pics.  Cocks don’t always have to be hard & ready-to-go to be sexy, and he proves this beautifully!  🙂

  2. He’s definately a GROWER!!!  Flacid he’s not to impressive down there but eroused, he’s definately  a keeper!!!

  3. Like, I suppose, you never enjoyed a vintage porn movie. If it were 1983, this would be my type of guy and I would be thoroughly enfatuated and eager…!!! Maybe he’ll start up a conversation by the office coffee pot…and then…who knows…???

  4. me too – no manscaping – no overly developed bodies – no sixpacks – just REAL hot guys that made you weak in the knees when they took off their clothes – ahhhhh – the good old days when men were men – and NOT juiced up, amped up narcissistic aholes 

  5. Wow this guy is damn hot.  And please leave the hair remarks alone.  Yes back in the 80’s we had hair and were not afraid to blowdry it! As I recall we used to rip on pics of guys with buzz cuts back then.  But now buzzed is the word.  But looking at Master Bieber,  seems like the 80’s are coming back with a vengence.

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