Trevor Knight: “As Soon As We Say ‘I Do’ My Adult Film Career Will Be Over For Good”

After watching Trevor Knight‘s painfully cute proposal to boyfriend David Bradberry on Bravo’s Below Deck, we reached out to the modern-day gay porn legend for a quick chat about his relationship, harsh criticism from skeptical haters and, perhaps most importantly, whether or not we’ll still […]

Trevor Knight Proposes To His Boyfriend David Bradberry On Bravo’s “Below Deck”, And It’s Fucking Adorable.

When I think of gay porn star Trevor Knight, “adorable” is not the first word that comes to mind. My very first instinct would be to describe him as “hung”, then think of all the orgies he’s appeared in over the past year or so—fucking […]

The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Trevor Knight’s Dick In (GASP) Another Damn Orgy

The lovely male specimen known as Trevor Knight has had orgies in a men’s room, a sex addicts’ meetingĀ and the set of a fake TV show called 4 Tops, 1 Bottom. What’s next for him? Unfortunately, it’s not a reunion with flexible, class-cutting cutie Jesse […]