Quickie: Brandon Schinaman

Model Mayhem is FILLED to the brim with…guys. “Model” can mean many things, and the site reflects it. So we have to dig DEEP sometimes to find a guy worthy of a Manhunt Daily “Quickie” (that’s the feature, not where Dewitt comes to your house and does you right). Brandon Schinaman fits the bill. The interesting thing about Brandon, besides his being totally tappable, is that he cut his hair and achieved an entirely different look. With the little flippy duck’s ass thing, he was All-American Boy. With his head shaved, he looks a little rough trade. And those are the things we marvel over here at the Daily.

– J. Harvey

For more pics of the versatile Brandon, Follow the JUMP:

1,522 thoughts on “Quickie: Brandon Schinaman

  1. He’s definitely hot, but I can’t read while I’m getting f@#ked.  I don’t like the writing on his wall.  I wish he hadn’t done that.  I like the longer hair look too.  Don’t get me wrong, I certainly wouldn’t throw him out of bed!

  2. agree that the chest tat is lame as all hell — i’m okay with tattoos, but multiple lines of text.. have never seen it look hot on any guy – it’s a terrible design, and i wish guys would stop doing it

  3. He is indeed beautiful and I think he’s much sexier with the buzz cut.  I like’s ’em a bit rougher looking myself.  In other likes…that body…DAMN!

  4. Try to discover
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    and he may have a nice bod, but he looks much better with hair…

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