No Holes Spared: Sergeant Miles, Dylan James, And Devin Franco

Sergeant Miles and Dylan James are having a private Fourth of July celebration: they’re hanging out and barbecuing, but they can’t do much with their food because Devin Franco is late with the buns. He arrives empty-handed because he thought Dylan and Sergeant meant his buns. Well, if that’s all that he brought, both Sergeant and Dylan are going to be sure to make a meal of the buns they do have. Both Sergeant Miles and Dylan James are ravenous tops when the situation calls for it, and they let Devin know early and completely that they’re totally in charge. He sucks their cocks and takes both their dicks up his ass without rest, and that includes at the same time in some hot double-penetration action!

I’ve been discussing a possible interview with Sergeant Miles. Now I have something definite to ask him about – double-teaming Devin Franco alongside Dylan James! Click here for more!

p.s. The literal hot dog in Devin’s butt wasn’t my idea.

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