Lucas Entertainment: Devin Franco And Lee Santino Double Up

Does anyone else find ass-to-ass double dildo scenes hot? Something about two slutty bottoms getting their holes stuffed at the same time, slapping asses together all submissive to the dildo they’re using to simultaneously pleasure themselves. FUCKING HOT. In Lucas’ newest scene, Devin Franco and Lee Santino started off suited but quickly lose their clothes […]

Stas London Tests Out Some Patio Furniture By Roughly Fucking Devin Franco On It

If I was in the market for some patio furniture, I know the EXACT brand I’d purchase. It’s whomever makes the little plastic loveseat that Stas London is breaking Devin Franco’s luscious ass on in this newest scene from Lucas. Both that piece of furniture and Franco’s butt take a POUNDING. Stas’ sinewy torso rippled […]

Raw Dogs: Devin Franco And Sergeant Miles Breed Each Other

Ever had a thing for your boss? Everyone knows workplace romances….well, fuckfests never work. You should really get your kicks (and suck your dicks) OUTSIDE of the office. But it can be a hot fantasy. Lucas knows this. Hence, Devin Franco showing his appreciation for his boss Sergeant Miles by busting a load in his […]

Devin Franco Rings In The New Year By Fucking Ibrahim Moreno

Devin Franco obviously finds the holidays to be a big turn-on. Oh, how I love watching him practice his art. He’s got a thoroughbred body, and he knows how to THRUST and bounce Ibrahim Moreno‘s tight, round ass on his cock so beautifully. The story is that there’s some NYE party and only one guest […]

Devin Franco And Jacen Zhu Are Flip-Fucking Each Other For Lucas

“Jacen Zhu” is such a mysterious, exotic-sounding porn name that I suspect he’s not using a pseudonym. Brave! Is it just me, or are guys fucking in business clothes hot as fuck? That reminds me – I gotta post about Men At Play again. Anyway, Devin Franco, who is quickly becoming the go-to versatile ass-crobat […]

Raw Dogs: James Castle And Devin Franco Had A Bareback Thanksgiving

I’m not sure why this isn’t shown directly after A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving every year. Fascists! James Castle and Devin Franco celebrated the holiday the right way – with Devin’s cock in James’ ass. Wait, I should make that more Thanksgiving-themed. Devin basted James’ turkey. Actually the baster went in. A lot. Back and forth. […]

Bulrog Is Fucking Devin Franco For Lucas Entertainment

My new favorite porn name is Bulrog. If you’re gonna do porn, calling yourself something that sounds like your jacked it from Lord of the Rings is inspired. Lucas exclusive Devin Franco was specifically chosen by French muscle daddy Bulrog to fuck in his first Lucas scene. It’s obvious why. He’s hot and he’s limber […]

Sean Xavier Is Fucking Devin Franco For Lucas Entertainment

Is Devin Franco ok? Has anyone checked on him lately? Is he able to walk? Because Sean Xavier has a llloonnnggggg cock, and he shoved it repeatedly in Devin’s asshole. I kid you not. Sean’s got the biggest cock on Manhunt Daily 3.0 so far! He should be proud of himself. I stand corrected, though, […]

Damien Crosse, James Castle, Devin Franco, Damon Heart, and Drae Axtell Take Five

Look, I fit them all in! (I wish I could fit them all in somewhere else…) Lucas Entertainment’s latest five-way orgy stars James Castle, Orgy pro Devin Franco, Damon Heart, and Drae Axtell. The press release, however, makes special mention of Mr. Damien Crosse. Apparently, he and his big dick are running this show. Damien […]