Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: The 10,000,000th Return Of Eddy Adams’ Ridiculously Thick 9 x 8 Inch Dick

It’s become a weird Manhunt Daily tradition for me to announce the “return” of extremely well-endowed porn model Eddy Adams, even though he hasn’t really ever gone anywhere over the past couple of years. While he is probably one of the least enthusiastic tops in […]

Oral Only: Sergeant Miles Is Hung, Bossy & Hungry For Cum

Before he made the transition to strap-ons and poorly-scripted bareback threesomes for Next Door Studios, the tattooed, muscular jock known as “Slate Steele” appeared on All-American Heroes under the not-too-different pseudonym “Sergeant Slate“. He plays the dominant role in a threesome entitled “Sergeant Slate’s Triple […]