Colby’s Crew: William Moore Gives Teddy Torres “Room Service”

This right here, THIS, is the kind of room service which should be available in your finer hotels. Do you hear me, W?

The guys start fondling and kissing, feeling each other’s’ body curves and bulges. Then the pace slows down dramatically. They move sensually, slowly, as William lays down on the bed and Teddy follows him from atop. They kiss some more. This is passion in the making. As they lie side-by-side clothes comes off in slow motion. William’s cock is the first to be unwrapped. Hard as a rock, Teddy moves in swarming the stiff curved piece of meat with his lips and throat. By now, our hairy jock is stroking his own piece of flesh while sucking the kid even more. Eventually, he draws his valet’s legs closer to the edge of the bed, raises them and plunges head first into the kid’s hairless butt hole. Then, William kneels forward and swallows Teddy cockring strapped thick pole. Watching himself in the mirror, Teddy shoves his fingers into his young prey’s begging asshole. Things are turning a bit more aggressive. After some more cock servicing, William finally br eak down and delivers his hole for the thick and forceful pounding he deserves and needs. Teddy’s attitude goes from passionate to dominante in a snap. He’s filling the kid’s hole deep and without mercy. William’s moan go from initial apprehension to full out desire. He can’t get enough.

But then the tables turn. After riding teddy’s cock, William moves down and sticks his own stiff cock into his hairy partner’s sweaty ass. Ecstatic, Teddy jerks himself into shooting his load, spewing loads of jizz into his hairy black pubes and onto his chest. William then moves up and shoves his cock into Teddy’s mouth before laying back and jacking off a hot load into his guest’s famished mouth.

Ya know, a lot of people might be turned off by a description of some dude’s “sweaty ass.” But I think it’s hot. You’re a Manhunt Daily reader, you probably do, too! Click here to swagger over to Colby’s Crew for more!

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