Must Read: I Am Not Myself These Days

Looking for a great summer read? Look no further. Apparently, you can’t get to a farm in upstate New York without meeting lots of colorful characters (and goldfish) along the way. You may not have heard the title but you probably know the author. Josh Kilmer-Purcell is half (in my opinion, the better half) of The Fabulous Beekman Boys. The book is a memoir about Josh’s life prior to Brent and the Beekman. Josh, a farm boy raised in Wisconsin, navigates his first year in NYC as an ad exec by day/performing drag queen by night.

The book is your classic boy (dressed in women’s clothing and a goldfish-bowl bra) meets boy (who has sex with boys for money) love story. The author colorfully illustrates his adventures as Aqua (short for Aquadisiac), the drag ├╝ber socialite with a heart of gold and her relationship with Jack, a high-priced escort with a taste for crack. Peppered with lots of bizarre scenarios straight from the fantasies of Jack’s johns as well as Aqua’s hilarious take on life in NYC, worldly adventures and determination to have it all, the book is hard to put down. Enjoy!

– Diego

For more pics of Josh Kiler-Purcell out and in drag, Follow the JUMP:

2 thoughts on “Must Read: I Am Not Myself These Days

  1. I’ve read it and it’s an amazing book, complete page turner! I promise you wont be able to put it down. It’s heart breaking and inspiring.

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