Keith Hartman’s Videos Challenge Definition of Traditional Marriage

What exactly is this "traditional marriage" that same-sex marriage opponents keep bringing up? If they want to stick to tradition so much, then there's a lot more to worry about than gay weddings. 

Keith Hartman's videos tackle the topic with a slice of humor and a dash of horror, asking such questions as "How would you feel if someone put your marriage to a vote?" It's hard to avoid getting emotional towards the end of these clips… this is some powerful stuff!

– Dewitt

To watch Hartman's second video "The License", follow the JUMP:

7 thoughts on “Keith Hartman’s Videos Challenge Definition of Traditional Marriage

  1. Aren’t we fighting for marriage equality to be spread to homosexual couples? I mean, I’m all for the polygamy thing if thats what someone…or…some people…want, but at the end of the day, idn’t marriage simply a union between TWO people who love one another? I don’t know, I don’t want to inject the same kind of prejudice that the Christian right does, but on some level, polygamy is a very different issue entirely. It kind of made me hate the first video.

  2. No one should have been surprised by the religious communities coming out to protect traditional marriage when the smarter thing to do/should have been pursued was to separate the secular from the religious aspects of these and promote civil unions for everyone (state function) and leave marriage in the province of the churches. And all for the sake of that one word…marriage. This error will take years to remedy and hopefully over time cooler heads prevail and think before acting….thought over emotion…what a concept!!!! The state cannot and should not be the vehicle for discrimination..if churches want to discriminate, that’s their to choose and accept the consequences and fallout. Using the Jeffersonian coined term for separation of church and state, do that. The state should advocate CUs for all those who choose to do so…make them easy to enter and difficult to dissolve. As for the churches, those that survive will be the ones that see the benefit of an open mind and open arms.

  3. monogomous, where is polygamy endorsed in the first video? If you are referring to the shot of the boy and two women, those are clearly his moms.

  4. @monogomous: Dude, that is my two moms and their son, not f’n polygamy.
    I for one would have rather seen then ads that all the stuff that actually hit the air.

  5. that one with the three people was actually two women and their kid in the middle…not a trifecta

  6. That woman in the first video reminds me of Johnny Depp in Willy Wonka He is Sooooo HOT 😛

  7. Homosexuality is a choice made in early childhood,usually unconscious.
    It starts with an emotional need that is not being met which translates into a sexual one around puberty.Sexual Abuse at an early age is another possible reason for such a choice.
    People are NOT BORN GAY. This is a convenient myth, which gays hide behind in defence of who they believe they are. I say “who they believe they are” because their gayness is NOT their true identity, but an identity formed through traumatic interaction with a broken world.In this current age, where that which is bad is determined to be good and that which is good is labelled bad,people are lulled into a moral slumber, a deception that justifies all manner of degrading behaviour. Their consciences are seared and the natural responses to that which is so clearly against nature are not there anymore.
    Which is a tragedy.
    However many have listened to the faint echoes of their own conscience,recognizing that their choices have not brought them fulfillment,that their quest for freedom has actually brought them into a type of slavery, and have bravely left behind the gay lifestyle.
    And are greatly relieved to have done so.
    How I wish many more would be brutally honest enough to recognize these truths.

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