Getting On Those Beer Goggles

Beer Goggles
A new study by British scientists at the University of Leicaster has found that men aren't as susceptible to "beer goggles" as women. Participants were shown photos of individuals of the opposite sex and asked whether they were attractive or beautiful. The study took part in two phases–drunk and sober. It was discovered that men kept their opinions in both states.
Since the research didn't seem to include any gay males, I am curious if this theory works for the homos. If so, we will unfortunately not be able to blame it on the goose that's got us feeling loose…
– Dewitt
Photo credit: Flickr

One thought on “Getting On Those Beer Goggles

  1. For me it’s not that a guy is hotter when I’m drunk, it’s that he’s more doable… I can convince myself easier that it’d be okay for me to fuck this uggo…
    ‘well, he’d be decent looking if he lost a good amount of weight… i guess that’s good enough for tonight’
    ‘with a different haircut, or with some facial hair, I wouldn’t feel too bad about fucking him… so I might as well now’
    plus, I mean, I’m super horny and really wanna get off anyway, why resort to my hand when there’s a willing mouth/ass available? Mentally brown bag that shit.

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