Kathy Griffin Loves Her Gays (And Their Marriages)

We've had our issues with Kathy Griffin in the past here at MANHUNT, but even if she doesn't return our calls… we appreciate that she's contributing to the fight for marriage equality. Kathy stands by her view that we have more important things to worry about in the world, implying that this shouldn't even be an issue. 

I'd have to agree with her, but some politicians believe that the mere action of approving a bill would take focus off the economy. Forget the dicks… Kathy needs to slap the bullshit out of Vermont governor Jim Douglas' mouth!

– Dewitt

70 thoughts on “Kathy Griffin Loves Her Gays (And Their Marriages)

  1. If you want to help the economy let us get married. That would open a flood gate of money into the economy!!

  2. Dewitt- I’m sorry, but are we listening/watching the same speech. She didn’t imply that the ‘gay marriage’ issue didn’t matter. That was directed towards the people who voted against it. The speech did have some reminders of Thomas Jefferson’s Papers about how the majority shouldn’t vote on the things that affect the minority. Though, I’ll be honest to say, I don’t believe Kathy was invoking Jefferson at all…
    But, still kudos for her…bad fact checking on you! Set aside petty drama and report what was said, not what you think it ‘should’ve’ said to start shit…

  3. jvc1982, Dewitt wasn’t saying that KG said gay marriage wasn’t an issue, he said “Kathy stands by her view that we have more important things to worry about in the world, implying that this shouldn’t even be an issue.” meaning she thinks this should happen and people shouldn’t get so upset over it when there are more important things. It’s a complex sentence but it’s still very easy to understand. Go Kathy!!!

  4. Kudos, Travis, thanks for pointing that out. Dewitt had it right this time. Maybe next time he should simplify his sentences for the simple minded people.

  5. Justin, jvc1982 simply made a clarification based on his observations of the speech. Whether you believe it in its context is up to the viewer. You decided to pull out that wild hair from your ass and turn a civil dialogue into something mean-spirited. Grow up!

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