Beau Breedlove Judges Donut-Stacking Cockfest

Beau Breedlove
Love him or hate him, Beau Breedlove has definitely been making the most of his fifteen minutes of fame. There was the CBS News interview with Ross Palombo, the Unzipped cover and… er, Cockfest
That's right. Portland's Voodoo Doughnuts enlisted Breedlove as a special guest judge for their annual Cockfest. The competition involves several men stacking and balancing donuts on their oversized members in hopes for a $400 cash prize. 
Apparently sleeping with the mayor is more intriguing than a bunch of donut dicks, because attendees were said to be much more interested in his presence. Do you think he made plans to test out the guys on his own "donut hole" after the event? I mean, the shop and Breedlove do share a slogan–"The Magic is in the Hole!"
– Dewitt

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