Jon Hamm Has A Huge Penis

A while back, we posted a picture of Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm whipping out a huge piece of uncut meat. Although it was obviously a fake, it might not have been too far from the truth! Judging from a few pictures posted on OMG Blog, we can confidently say that Don Draper is sufficiently well-endowed.

If you’ve ever fantasized about what lurks within those cotton boxer shorts, the actor’s very obvious bulge may provide some answers. Then again, it won’t quite live up to the ultimate answer, which would involve Jon Hamm slapping his hard cock against your chin. Or maybe that’s just my fantasy…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Fame Pictures

To check out Jon Hamm’s bulge, follow the JUMP:

Further evidence that his peen can’t be tamed:

And some bonus pics from Mad Men

15 thoughts on “Jon Hamm Has A Huge Penis

  1. Hey Dewitt, I share in your fantasy. Something about this man just exubes sexiness! And it’s not just that nice bulge!

  2. I just died and had about 10 million orgasms in the process.

    JON HAMM IS THE ULTIMATE SEX GOD. Jesus, the honor it would be to rub against his chest hair…

    Thank you!!!

  3. it’d be nice to have some naturally nice looking guys like this doing porn, instead of all the overly buff, orange colored guys that currently seem to be in vogue.

  4. Just seeing Jon Hamm in various settings lately… he exudes what I call “big-dicked confidence”. Paired with his obvious sense of humor.. he’s an 11…

  5. As handsome and naturally sexy as Mr. Hamm is, I think you’re projecting your hopes of his peen onto him. I see nothing in those pictures that give you any evidence of that.

  6. For those of you who have or havent seen his latest movie “The Town”…there is a hospital scene where he goes into interrogate a witness (he is a cop). As he walks into the room there is a GOOD shot of his cock snaking down his pant leg. I wish I could have rewound the reel to see it again..guess I’ll wait til DVD.

  7. Although I agrre that Jon Hamm is a definite hottie,looks like an average penis in boxers that just shows a bit. If he were wearing briefs, doubt you’d see much of anything at all.

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