Top or Bottom: Charles

Today’s contestant in our Top or Bottom series hasn’t had sex in seven months. Although this probably isn’t something he’d want me to advertise, it won’t be too long before you realize this has nothing to do with his physical appearance. He recently moved to a very rural area, and he’s yet to find a man who meets his preferences–tall, scruffy, masculine and tattooed.

But what would he do once he found that man? You’ll have to take a guess! Hopefully, you’ll have better luck than you did with Dietz23! Only six percent of you correctly identified him as a top, with nearly sixty percent assuming he leans towards the bottom side. Dietz23 also revealed his kinky side to us, revealing that he’s into light bondage, leather, cock rings, jockstraps and sex in public places. Feel free to send him a message and ask about his Prince Albert!

If you’re an exhibitionist type who’s interested in participating in the next round of Top or Bottom, send me an e-mail with a few pictures, your name or alias, the role you play in the bedroom and a brief note giving us permission to use your pics. We’d prefer that you show your face, but it’s not required to participate in the series. Nudity is both welcome and encouraged, and anonymity is perfectly acceptable. So what are you waiting for? Send us your pics, and show us what you’re working with!

– Dewitt

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32 thoughts on “Top or Bottom: Charles

  1. Why isn’t there a box to check “retarded?” You guys can really do better than faceless cocks. Discreet guys in this day and age are ridiculous. Being in the closet doesn’t make you “masc.” It makes you a coward. Real men have balls.

  2. Dewitt… this one was disappointing. There has to be guys willing to show their faces along with their cocks. Not even sure what to guess on him. Thanks for sharing, but I know you can do so much better.

  3. What a retarded b***h you are Diorgasm. Who are you to determine who should or should not be in the closet – there will always be men struggling with their identity and it is up to each individual if and when they come out, not up to you! Damn you sound like a bitter person.

    Obviously you also don’t know the difference between city life and rural country life – you don’t exactly go prancing around in small town USA or you will get your ass beat. That is certainly a factor too.

    Then there are other factors, if you are not in a gay friendly job or community, sometimes you’re too much of a known figure to put it out there, it could adversely affect your ability to earn a living. Sad but true.

    But you don’t care – you think that every guy in this day and age should simply be out so they can lose their job, get beat up or any other repercussions from which they are not wishing to endure right now.

  4. To all of you who are disappointed that Charles isn’t showing his face, here’s an idea… Show that you have “balls” by submitting your own pictures.

    This feature is composed of USER SUBMISSIONS. We don’t just go trolling Manhunt for random members’ pictures and post them without permission. As a result, the resulting product is whatever you put into it.

    – Dewitt

  5. Awwww I feel so sorry for him. He can’t find someone that meets his faggoty high expectations?? Poor thing. I guess she’d rather go without getting her hole filled with jizz for 5 years than LOWER herself to getting banged by an average, very acceptable dude. IT’S A DICK FAGGOT— JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES AND DO IT. Welcome to a life a celibacy just because no one is “good enough” for you. I laugh til I hurt over this one. This goes to all of you queers that think everyone else isn’t gonna be a good fuck because they don’t have a 6 pack, a dick that’s 9 inches long, a hairy chest, or they are “over 29”. It kills me. I hope you guys assholes grow closed. You deserve it.

  6. I submitted my face and I’m married. I also live in a backwoods town in Georgia. Here’s a hint…I live in the home of the “Red Neck Games!” I would like to see guys with face-pix like the rest of the guys!

  7. Im bi married and choose not to post face pics. Just in the same way that some ppl post nude pics, some choose not too.

    Im in great shape and get my share of attention on-line and meet guys from time to time. If it doesnt happen b/c I dont have face pics, thats cool too.

    I offer a novel idea, let people post the pics they are comfortable posting to represent themselves and what they are looking to get out of their mh account!

  8. I grew up in a hick town in Vermont. Sure, I got teased a lot. Sure I got beat up once or twice, but I’m not going to let people scare me into hiding who I am. That’s ridiculous. Moreover, while I understand not everyone is going to want to fly a rainbow flag in front of their house (I certainly don’t)not showing a face pic on Manhunt is beyond silly. Everyone on here is gay. What are they going to do? Call you a homo? LOL. If you’re not mature enough to accept your sexuality you’re probably not mature enough to have sex.

  9. “mascjock”. What a totally douchebag cliche name for Manhunt. “Hey look at me– I’m a masculine jock”. lol. I’ve been on here for 5 years and never once have I met anyone even nearly approaching that description. Do you think a straight guy would feel it necessary to use a name like “mascjock” on a dating site looking for women? of course not. If he did, he’d instantly be called out for his over representating his maleness. What a total fantasy world ass this guy and all the others like him are.

  10. baltobud_123 your one angry dude. I just made up the name so dont look for more meaning than im masculine and athletic (triathlons, marathons and the like). You havent met me in your 5 years on here (thanks god), so grow up and live and let live.

  11. baltobud – you are one sad angry guy. wow – what happened to make you so bitter? Diorgasm explained why he’s such a flaming queen and thinks everyone else should be as well!

    He doesn’t mention wanting a 6-pack, 9″ dick, etc … you did. To me he simply doesn’t want a prancing queen … he wants to be discreet and wants someone straight acting – before I get the flames for that phrase, simply someone that doesn’t scream out “I’m a ‘mo” when they go down the street.

    As for waiting for dick, nothing wrong with that – while I’m not of that persuasion, I respect those that are. Sounds like he’s more LTR than hookup oriented – the kind of man I want to meet who will settle me down as soon as I meet him.

    And then slamming someone for their handle of choice? Wow.

    And a side rant … OMG, I wish guys really knew the difference between “build” types … I think we need to have the Build status moderated – you must submit pics to a panel that sets your build. I’ve never met so many average to large men that select Slim, Muscular, Athletic … going to see Nascar races is not considered Athletic … damn!

  12. Been rejected too many times baltobud_123? His preferences aren’t unreasonable, and he wasn’t complaining about not having sex. So he’s supposed to “close his eyes and take it” why? To appease the average guys and be a whore? That’s fucked up.

  13. HngBlkBtm … wow, so you’re married, but your wife allows you to play on the side and was excited to see you on MHD. Yep, sounds like the normal married guy on here. Great pics btw … loved the spread … and always love the BBD bottoms 🙂

    But most married men I would guess are not out to their wives and their wives are not excited by their playtime. So your point of being married and showing your face is pure BS intended to make someone else feel inadequate. Good think you are not the stick by which we measure ourselves.

  14. Hey Men: It IS the same guy in all the pics. Regarding the tat pic(full side profile), since that pic is a mirror pic, the tat appears to be reversed when in actuality it is not. Subjects who’s image is presented in a mirror is a reverse image. There are editing programs to reverse a photo image. Obviously MH didn’t see the need to correct it. But the boi is a cute bottom!!

  15. I’m not a flaming queen. I’m a happy, well adjusted gay man. I don’t really understand why you have to chose between “raging queen” or “masc jock” or “pretending to be blue collar leather daddy.” You can be out to the public and not be a raging queen… I just don’t see my sexuality as an issue today. While I don’t feel the need to rub it anyone’s face, I’m totally open.

  16. TallandHusky, you’re a fat dumbass. We’re not TALKING about the tatoo pics you fucking idiot. OBVIOUSLY those two pics ARE the same guy… Jesus Christ man. We’re talking about all the others.

  17. Ok boys, back to the subject. Vote as to what you think he is and move on. Those that post a book on here with some expanded opinion need a hobby. Its just a survey guys. Lighten up! 🙂

  18. It’s no wonder gay teens are jumping off the GW bridge these days with this kind of dumbass bullshit going on with fags.

  19. Yeah, those dicks dont match up. Lol, but kudos on trying to fool people to believe youre bigger.

    You married “bi” guys make me sick. Don’t get married if you’re just going to be a cheating jackass.

  20. Funny (not really) how some of you guys judge the guy for not showing his face, while we are judge by the world for who we are. I don’t care how easy to come out in this era is, respect the guy’s decision. Don’t like it??? well keep on moving!!! Practice what you preach!

  21. I agree with Eddie about the bi guys being married. Sad.

    That said, there are a HUGE number of jerks on this site. And they are all showing their colors here. I agree TOTALLY with Carter! It’s each individual’s choice. I would lose my career if I were out. So I choose not to be. I need to make a living.

    Anyway, I feel sorry for this guy that had the guts to post his pics. And the tats WERE indeed brought up that they weren’t even on the same side, belligit! Read the posts before you make such a dumb donkey out of yourself!

  22. I’ve been following this blog since it began and these comments are the most ridiculous and awful things I’ve seen on here. WTF chill. Gay guys can be so freakin mean to other gay guys.

  23. if that first pic is any indication of what he’s packing, he’d better not be a total btm! would be such a fucking waste.

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