Howard Sterns Supports Gay Rights

Those who believe in gay rights got an unlikely ally yesterday in Howard Stern. I say unlikely because for many years Stern made fun of gays, not maliciously, but still… Well now Howard Stern has seen the light, along with the American people as new polling shows.

It seems people of all strides are coming to their senses, and maybe Howard Stern is the perfect example of that. A new ABC News poll (PDF) shows for the first time, ever, a plurality of Americans support full marriage equality with 49% in favor and 46% opposed. 

Listen to Stern's message of support above and let me know what you think.

– Andy

7 thoughts on “Howard Sterns Supports Gay Rights

  1. That’s great. I mean it’s laden with stereotypes and lines of thinking I might not agree with, but allies like Howard Stern are important. He’s a popular figure who has broad appeal, and it will give people who listen to him pause.

  2. ive been a howard fan for ages, and he has been an ally right from the beginning. sure he makes fun of gays, but i’ve heard him defend gays from intolerance for years and years.

  3. I don’t find this at all surprising. I mean, come on, how much does he fucking love George Takei? But all in all, I have to say that I want Howard Stern’s support about as much as Perez Hilton’s.

  4. I think its pretty cool he supports our rights and stuff. He can plant a seed for our behalf in people that we might not have the resources to influence. Different demographics and the likes

  5. Please don’t write things you know nothing about. Howard Stern has ALWAYS supported gay marriage and gay rights. The gay community has NO BIGGER ally than Howard Stern. Yes Howard busts on gay people from time to time, but he does that to EVERY group, not just gays. You may not appreciate his sense of humour, which is fine, but don’t write that he has finally ‘seen the light’. Please take some time and listen to his show. Along with being very funny, he is a true supporter who has never shied away from supporting gay rights. He is the ‘King of all media’!!

  6. Howard Stern is a jackass.
    That whole Beyoncé hoax thing was just beyond the pale.

  7. Bravo to Howard, but he still doesn’t quite get it. He commented about gays being “creative” and “free-thinkers”, and that’s a generality that is no more accurate than saying all gay people like theater, or that all black men play basketball well, or that all Polish people are dim-witted. That said, give him his props–for a straight man, he is trying to embrace something he never will fully understand. If nothing else, he should be applauded for having an open mind.
    An unrelated comment–we love Robin, but she needs to learn to shut up when Howard is on a roll and stop interrupting some of his best diatribes, as she did here.

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