HBO Likes ’em Hung

Thomas Jane

HBO has picked a new dark comedy called Hung. Any guesses on what it's about? If you guessed a guy who's hung you'd be right. 

Thomas Jane will star as a basketball coach who learns how to use his large asset to his benefit, economically that is. One of the creators says, "It has its sexual moments, but the show is very much about what's
happening in the country, how people are trying to survive using what
God had given them."

The pilot has already been shot, and was directed by Sideways director and Oscar winner Alexander Payne. Hung will make its debut in June.

This sounds like an interesting premise, what do others think?

– Andy

5 thoughts on “HBO Likes ’em Hung

  1. This show was shot at my old high school. They had a big article about it in the paper because the school wasn’t told it was going to be about porn. I’m excited to check it out to look for my old stomping grounds. Too bad my teachers never looked like Mr. Jane.

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