12 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview With Tyra Sanchez

  1. It never occurred to me that Ru was racist but I have argued that Tyra was hand picked by Ru and was the heir apparent from day 1. Not doubt they were fucking each other.

    Tyra was certainly the most beautiful. Even I will give him that but I have a very strong feeling that he had a rather hefty benefactor providing him with what he needed to be the best. Is that bad? Probably not.

    My biggest issue is that Tyra was the ugliest on the inside. JuJubee was beautiful on the outside and inside. Inner beauty is what really matters. Tyra does not have inner beauty.

  2. Wow, those ta-tas are WAY over the top. Plus, I like how she said about her voice “My goal is to look like a woman not to become one.”, and then is all proud of her new udder implants. Bitch, please.

  3. The Boobs (yes, They deserve the honorific capitals) aren’t implants. They’re.. kind of.. a boob necklace.. for lack of a better description… purely prosthetic, put on, take off costume accessory.

    So yes, they’re over the top, but if your’e gonna wear a boob necklace, it might as well be a killer rack.

  4. A BOOB NECKLACE?! That is the best thing I’ve ever heard! I didn’t even know those existed!

  5. Ty Ty arguing that the statement “if you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else” means that I can’t love myself because I don’t love you (somebody else) is a deductive fallacy. In reality every time I hate you I love myself a little more.

  6. I don’t consider her a drag queen. She’s a female impersonator. Maybe instead of spending that money on those tits, she could have taken some kind of acting or improv classes.

  7. Tyra should not have won. Not only was she an ugly person, she was a little “too big for her ta-tas” meaning she didn’t feel like she had to work for it. It’s those the think they deserve to win that shouldn’t win. Long live Juju!

  8. I didn’t like Tyra through the series, and I really thought she should have been kicked off earlier. I really wanted Raven to win, or even JuJuBee. But when it came down to it… when Raven and Tyra had to “lip sync for their lives” Tyra really did sparkle more then Raven…. So I can see why the choice was made.

  9. I wanted Pandora Boxx to win, despite her abysmal sense of style lol.. But she was cute as!

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