7 Questions: Boomer Banks

Boomer Banks! Boomer “Love Gives Me A Boner” Banks! I got to interview Boomer Banks! Ok, it was a phone interview but HE spoke to ME. I’ll never wash this ear again. Boomer Banks is one of the most popular porn models in the industry. His scenes have become legend, especially his last few over at CockyBoys. That site seems to know exactly how to shoot Banks’ fuck prowess and his striking looks. Devastatingly handsome, an experienced cocksman, and a talented fashion designer, Boomer is the face of porn in the 2010s.

Keep reading for Boomer’s thoughts on to what he attributes his success in the industry, why a dedicated bacon fan might not always enjoy a bacon maple donut, and if love really does give him a boner.

Michael Xavier


1. Do you get recognized on the street?

Yeah, I live in NYC. More so than ever since Fleshjack came out. I’m much more prominent now.

(Note from M.X.: Boomer, Levi Karter, and Liam Riley have all been signed as Fleshjack boys. Fleshjack has released a Boomer Banks collection, with a dildo modeled on his dick!)

The dildo came out three weeks ago. It’s out of stock now. Yeah, I’ve signed it for people.

(Note from M.X.: Boomer will be at the Manhunt/Fleshjack booth at MAL (Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend), signing his big, replica dicks for his fans! )

2. Do you think porn has changed you as a person?

No. It’s enlightened me as a person. It’s made me a lot more aware and I would say much more sex positive. I thought I was sex-positive before I started in the industry. It’s opened my eyes to so many other things. I feel a lot more woke in the sense that there are so many aspects of being a performer and a sex worker. There are so many different types of performers and sex workers that I just never was subjected to, and now I am. The kids that watch me, the young kids that watch me now, I think it’s given me a voice to be louder and prouder of who I am.


3. I know you’re a fashion designer. Have you found that it’s helped or hindered your fashion career?

Yeah, my collection is going to debut exclusively in Paper magazine. Oh my god, it’s helped it. The fashion industry is always looking for the next best thing. It’s always looking for something different, something fun. Nowadays you not only buy the clothes, you buy the brand. You have to rep yourself, I’ve known that from the beginning. I knew I just needed to do it the right way.

4. Have you ever had to shoot scenes where you weren’t attracted to your partner? How do you get through those?

YES. I have. And it just turns into a hate fuck. It’s a win win situation. I get through the scene and everyone gets a different side of Boomer. Win win.


5. How do you keep that body? Advice for guys who want to look like you?

It’s mostly all about diet. I stay away from sugar. Carbs aren’t necessarily a bad thing, it depends on the type. Most carbs turn into sugar when they don’t process properly.

6. How did you come up with your porn alias?

I stole it. I borrowed it. Someone had named themselves it on Instagram. He was never going to use it for anything other than an Instagram name. I thought it was an amazing name. He was kind of a douchebag, too. He called me me out. I didn’t STEAL the name, and he’s welcome to have it back. I responded that if he can ever measure up to it. I never got a response.


7. Does love REALLY give you a boner?

(Note from M.X.: Cocky Boys’ kinda special “Just Love” series featured Boomer, amongst other top performers, opening up on their thoughts about sex and love. Before fucking. It’s good. In one of the teasers, Boomer reveals the now famous line “love gives me boner.”)

Well, “Just Love” was named after my tattoos. And yeah, it really does. When my boyfriend says I love you, it gives me a boner. It’s not a lie. I wish I could film it. It’s a complete and utter truth.

8. I’m not exaggerating when I say that you’re one of the most beloved porn performers working today. To what do you attribute your success and popularity? You know, besides being genetically gifted.

It takes a lot more than just that. People want to know who you really are. In these days of social media craziness, I think I just read that I’m not above. I’m quite tuned in and grounded. I truly believe that maintaining your genuine self is the key to success. I feel like that’s the only way. I can’t pretend to be anybody else but me.


9. We’re both big fans of bacon. Have you ever had a maple bacon donut? If so, what did you think?

I have many many times. I don’t like them unless the bacon is fresh. If the bacon’s been there for awhile, it just tastes… it turns into this stale taste. They’re good when they use fresh bacon.

Do you even get to eat donuts if you work in porn?

I eat donuts all the time.

Me, too. I know I’ve only spoken with Boomer on the phone, but he seems like a genuinely sweet guy and what a performer! Check out his signature collection on Fleshjack, check out our Boomer Banks archive, and keep up with him on Twitter and Instagram.

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