7 Questions: Sean Zevran

Sean Zevran. SEAN ZEVRAN. When you think of “Sean Zevran,” several words come mind. PORN might be one. FACE. BODY. But one word comes to mind for me when I think about Sean Zevran. COCK. That COCK. That beautiful beast. Sean just won “Gay Performer Of The Year” at the 2017 XBIZ AWARDS, and with very good reason. An exclusive with Falcon, he’s TEARING up the industry with his beauty, brawn AND brains (you DID see his latest scene with Derek Bolt, right?). (Bet you didn’t know he has a BA in philosophy, and is a talented blogger. All you care about is cock, you selfish pig!)

Sean was nice enough to subject himself to Manhunt Daily’s “7 Questions” (and then some) for us, and sent along the pic on top. BULGE. It’s all about BULGE. (By the way, did you know he was a ninja? We didn’t.)

Michael Xavier

1. Congrats on winning the XBIZ 2017 Gay Performer of the Year. What’s that like? And what do you think clinched your win?

Thank you very much! It’s a special feeling that is amplified by the fact I didn’t expect to be the winner this year. There were so many talented people nominated, some of whom I’ve worked and am friends with that have been in the industry longer than I have, and I expected these guys to take the prize before me. They deserve it just as much as I do.

2. What’s your favorite scene that you’ve ever shot, and why? Favorite scene partner?

I have two scenes that sort of top the list. One is with Eli Lewis (Raging Stallion’s Beef Squad), and the other is with Zander Cole . They’re some of the sweetest guys I’ve met in the industry, and the sex was hot both on and off camera.

3. Many of our readers think that you have the perfect penis. Did you know you had the perfect penis? Has it always been perfect? When did you know it was perfect?

Hmm… I’m not sure I’d personally describe it as perfect. Obviously, it’s brought me a lot of joy and recognition, so I certainly can’t be mad about it. Personally, I prefer thicker and straighter if I’m bottoming, though. To each his own.

4. Have you ever had to shoot scenes where you weren’t attracted to your partner? How do you get through those?

Heh. All the time. I’d say I’m only attracted to about 20% of my scene partners. It’s not that the majority of them aren’t handsome guys, but we all have our types and such. It doesn’t really affect my performance, though.

[That’s Sean spit-roasting Johnny V opposite Jacob Tyler]

5. How did you come up with your porn alias?

I’ve always liked the name “Sean”, so I snagged that as my first name. “Zevran” is a witty, promiscuous elf assassin from Dragon Age, an RPG video game. I’m a big gamer, so I wanted something that captured a bit of my personality, though I pronounce the name slightly different than is actually pronounced in the game.

6. Do you have any kinks or fetishes that would surprise your fans?

Not really. I consider myself relatively vanilla for a porn star, actually.

7. Fill in the blank: “When I’m not shooting porn, you’ll most likely find me ______.”

…being a vigilante ninja fighting crime from the shadows.

8. To what do you attribute your success and popularity? (You know, besides being blazingly hot.)

I don’t really know… because I’ve always been surprised at my success. I’ve always been a hard worker, but I know a lot of guys in this industry that are hard workers. I continue to be surprised by my success. When I got into this industry, I only expected to film a few scenes for shits and giggles. I never imagined that I’d become popular.

9. What’s it like being an exclusive with Falcon? What keeps you with them?

The Falcon Studios Group team is an amazing group of people. They’re all very hard workers and very good people. I can trust them, and that means a lot. They want the best for each model they work with, whether the model is exclusive or not, and that says a lot. I know they’ll always give me 110% and I try to give the same in return.

You can check out ALL of Sean’s scenes over at Falcon, and be sure to follow him on Twitter (he posts pics and vids of himself that you’re not goign to see anywhere else)!

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