Ed Westwick: Gay, British or Drunk? You Be The Judge.

Spotted: At the Knicks Vs. Nets game at Madison Square Garden, Chuck Bass canoodles with a dapper young man. Has actor Ed Westwick, who was once quoted stating “girlfriends are too much of a headache”, crossed over to our team? Or was he playing for us all along?

That was us doing our best Gossip Girl impression. Did you like it? We haven’t watched that show ever since we got bored of mediocre drama and staring at Chace Crawford‘s abs. Also, if we’re being entirely honest, we don’t feel the need to join the “is he or isn’t he?” witch hunt in this particular case. Glee‘s Matthew Morrison is a whole other situation.

Nevertheless, the question in the title of this post still resonates in our mind. This is one of those moments where you really can’t tell if they’re just friends or secret lovers. Given Westwick’s history of public ankle touches and rumored romances with male costars, it’s impossible to not wonder… Just a little, right?

– Dewitt

To check out more pics of Ed Westwick and his friend, follow the JUMP:

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19 thoughts on “Ed Westwick: Gay, British or Drunk? You Be The Judge.

  1. The guy he’s with is a hottie. Westwick isn’t impressive at all. He looks as though hes full of himself for no reason.

  2. Well, the classic equation is (British+drunk)=gay, so…. all three?

    Actually this is a variant on the most basic theory, straight+6(pack)=gay

  3. haha, no thats just British-ness, thats how straight guys act over here, but i do also feel sorry for the lady with the scarf behind them, theres a few not so pretty pictures there, shame 😛

  4. Ed Westwick is extremely attractive. As long as he pretends he’s Chuck Bass when we’re in bed. XD

  5. I think it is all due to the place being very loud and him being a bit drunk…. either way his friend seems to be very uncomfortable…..

    also, culturally speaking, personal space and touching can be very different from place to place…. in Argentina men kiss and hug all over the place, and sit very close to one another…. same in some European countries… nudity and proximity r considered sexual mainly in the U.S.

  6. Hahaha! I don’t know, but the subject line of this post made me laugh out loud! It’s scary how they’re almost the same thing, no?! 🙂

    (And, for the record, his preppy blonde “friend” is one tall drink of water. Wonder if he has a brother…?)

  7. your puritanism is showing
    more european men touch, punch, hug and believe it or not – in italy walk hand in hand on the street and it’s just guys being guys. NEXT! That was going too far, even for you horn dawg! SMILE.

  8. lol in all fairness, us british guys are probably more concerned about invasions of personal space than you lads over in the states.

  9. sorry but i disagree with you all,
    im italian lived in italy for about 5 years, ive lived in england for about 3 years and im telling you, english lads and italian boys and men are not that affectionate even with a few beers in.
    im going to say…. Gay.

    note the superficial characteristics, very “in” hair cut, the latest in prep clothes for the american boy and Ed Westwick with the latest colour and nit cardigan…. need i say more.

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