Quickie: Zach & Jordan Stenmark

Twins! We’re well aware that many of you have fantasized about being sandwiched between two identical brothers. Given the traffic we’ve received on every post about Bel Ami‘s Miloh and Elijah Peters? Hell, we’d even go as far to say that you’ve dreamt of even more twisted scenarios that involve a pair of beautiful, well-hung twins.

Long story short? We’re pretty sure you’ll like Zach and Jordan Stenmark. With their powers combined, this up-and-coming duo are otherwise known as “The Stenmark Twins“. Yes, they look exactly the same, so if one of them cums too early while you’re fucking him… You can just call over his brother to finish things off.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: James Demitri

To check out more of the Stenmark twins, follow the JUMP:

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82 thoughts on “Quickie: Zach & Jordan Stenmark

  1. having been with twins a long while back
    everything you imagine x 10. it’s very
    very very hot. Fun play and adventure.
    But when they tag teamed me I was in heaven.
    when they went at each other – I could have
    died there. It was a life peak moment.
    One more wild moment checked off my bucket list.

  2. I’ve always said that if I had a gay identical twin brother, I would soooo be up for having threesomes with him

  3. Just kinda average looking, either apart or together. I’m just not feeling it either. And usually twins together turn me on.

  4. These guys come off better individually than they do together & 4 the record the Bel Ami twins are HOT but DISCUSTING when they R together ……

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