Hot Flash: Samuel Zakuto

Remember when you used to cut out pictures of your favorite male models, glue them onto a colorful notebook and pass it around between all your best friends? Yeah, we never did that either. But if we did? We imagine it’d look something like Samuel Zakuto‘s “Boys & Cutouts” editorial from Coitus Magazine.

The shoot includes appearances by Manhunt Daily faves Matthew Evangelisti and Ryan Bertroche, along with the equally attractive Ryan Schira. We encourage you to select a few beloved contestants from The Ten, cut out pictures of them and compose your own collage of sexiness. Instead of submitting it to a magazine, you can keep it for your own masturbational purposes.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Samuel Zakuto / Coitus Magazine

To check out more of this photographer’s work, follow the JUMP:

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6 thoughts on “Hot Flash: Samuel Zakuto

  1. Hmm, kind of gross, they look like kids and disgusted to see them on what I thought was an adult website!

  2. Dewitt the next time U R having such a slow news day U might want 2 water the office plants or try straighten out your desk draws …….

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