Connor Maguire’s Morning Commute Takes A Detour Into Jeremy Spreadums’ Ass

I know I’m always going on and on about my stable of porn guy boyfriends. There’s Colby. And Ashton. And then there’s Connor! Connor Maguire is so beautiful, and he’s got that ginger thing going on, and he fucks like a stevedore.

Connor’s so hot that I could probably jerk off to him ironing. You try it!

There are TOO many reasons that make up the reality that he’s my boyfriend. He doesn’t shoot enough, though! So when my porn boyfriend does, it’s an occasion. Here’s Connor in MEN’s Commuters. He meets up with bubble-butted Jeremy Spreadums and to hell with work, let’s get a motel room! If I could commute to work with Connor Maguire every day, I wouldn’t hate the T so much. Especially during rush hour, when we’re shoved up against each other in that hot subway car, and Connor snakes his dick out of his pants, and I manage to crouch down and suck him off unbeknownst to everyone else! Ok, we’d end up in jail, but we can fuck around there, too!

See more of Connor and Jeremy in Commuters for MEN’s Drill My Hole imprint here.

Michael Xavier

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