Do You Think Dr. Colby Jansen Takes My Insurance?

Hot-ass Mike Maverick is actually numb-ass Mike Maverick in this new scene from Men Over 30. He seeks medical attention because the cock he had in his ass the night before must have busted his booty permanently! Enter Dr. Colby Jansen. And enter my new fantasy of Dr. Colby Jansen as my proctologist, trussing me […]

Colby Jansen And His New Cabin Buddy Are Yours For $2.95!

As we pointed out in the “Summer of Porn, Part 1” post from this past weekend, there’s a BUNCH of sites that cost only $5 and under for a trial membership! That’s TONS of scenes on TONS of sites for cheap! One of those sites is Colby’s Crew! Our favorite slab of sexy beef Colby […]

Colby Jansen Is Skyy Knox’s Rebound Fuck

Well, to be accurate, he’s on the way to being a rebound fuck. See, Skyy Knox is on his way to dump his boyfriend. But he happens to break down in front of Colby Jansen’s Cabin of Fuck. Lucky him! To get a taste of what life as a free man is going to be […]

Colby Jansen And Cory Kane Play Strip Foosball

As Cory is lying on his back, getting his ass pounded, the kid steadily strokes his cock until he can’t keep it in anymore. Once he’s unleashed his white load, Colby follows soon behind. Never, ever challenge Colby Jansen to a game of strip foosball! You’re going to end up very cold. And probably get […]

Colby Jansen Fixes Zac Hunter A Stiff Drink

Colby Jansen and his crew of lusty young men have rented a cabin in the woods. It sounds like the plotline for either a horror movie or a fuck film. Guess which one this is? Colby and newcummer Zac Hunter immediately go to fix themselves a drink. Zac spills, his shirt comes off, and Colby […]

Colby Jansen And Jaxton Wheeler Double-Team Abe Andrews

The “Don’t Tell Mom” series from Colby’s Crew is my first exposure to Abe Andrews, and it will probably be my last. He took on Colby Jansen and Jaxton Wheeler. SIMULTANEOUSLY. The cute young twink might be in Porn Star Heaven now. He probably exploded when Colby and Jaxton blew their loads! Imagine being spitroasted […]

Colby Jansen Doesn’t Seem To Mind Being Blackmailed

Remember when Jaxton Wheeler righteously banged Colby Jansen’s big badonka donk butt? Well, Jaxton’s for-the-sake-of-this-porn-storyline stepson, sexy little newbie Abe Andrews, saw the WHOLE thing. And recorded it. He’s a devious young man. If Colby doesn’t give him what he wants, he’s going to tell Ma that her hubby likes to give it to dudes […]

Beefy Fuckers: The Colby Jansen Vs. Jaxton Wheeler Scene Is Here!

Remember way back in February when I brought you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at an upcoming scene from Colby’s Crew featuring Colby Jansen and Jaxton Wheeler? You don’t? Well, here’s a reminder…   WELL, GET OUT THE LOTION CUZ’ IT’S HERE! They kiss and huddle on the bed, then start to strip. Jaxton’s stiff cock […]

5 Reasons Colby Jansen Was Nominated For A “Performer Of The Year” Grabby

When the Grabbys nominations were announced last week, I felt very little surprise that Colby Jansen was nominated for “Performer Of The Year” (in addition to being nominated for “Hottest Top”). Jansen is a singular performer in the industry, and he deserves to be honored for his skills, his work, his determination and dedication to […]