On Set: A Sneak Preview Of Colby Jansen And Jaxton Wheeler For Colby’s Crew!

I THOUGHT the peak of my porn blogger experience reached last summer. That’s when I was on set to watch several scenes being filmed for the sparkly new Colby’s Crew. My worship of Colby Jansen is a known quantity so seeing the burly beastmaster naked up-close and fucking out the brains of newbies…well, it’s was […]

Colby’s Crew: Colby Jansen “Mentors” Jackson Grant

For those of you less discerning readers, “mentors” is a euphemism in this case. It means “FUCKS.” Jackson Grant is a newcomer that is already making his way into the Boner Creator Hall of Fame with his scenes for Colby’s Crew. Not to humble-brag but I was on the set when he shot a hot […]

Colby Jansen And Aiden Woods Shoot Hoops (And Each Other With Cum)

Nothing makes me happier than when Colby Jansen gets his big, pink, beefy butt serviced (here it’s by Aiden Woods in this sweaty scene from Colby’s Crew). It’s just so dick-twitchy when a super-masculine guy takes a somewhat submissive position and takes pleasure from a tongue and a dick in his ass. See? Right? (The […]

Colby Jansen Is Fucking Casey Everett For Colby’s Crew

Colby Jansen, porn god and owner of the beefiest ass in porn (no offense, Billy Santoro), is a former pro rugby player. You could probably tell by the theming of the site – all sporty with the porn family crest. In this scene, Colby is playing coach to the sexy young Casey Everett. He teaches […]

Colby Jansen Is Fucking Christian Taylor For Colby’s Crew

And they’re off! Colby’s Crew is still in its infancy, but I think I’ve already found my favorite scene so far. It starts with Colby Jansen playing a beefy coach of some sort (so it’s a huge stretch for his acting abilities) and he’s taking sexy little otter boy Christian Taylor for a run. I’m […]

Manhunt Daily Exclusive: Colby Jansen Launching Colby’s Crew!

If you follow Manhunt Daily on Twitter (if you don’t, I forgive you but fix it), you may have noticed some tweets featuring some of the gay porn industry’s biggest names with hashtags like #Shh #TopSecret and #ItsCumming. Well, it’s almost here and I can FINALLY talk about it! Dude Dollars and Online Entertainment have […]

BREAKING NEWS: Bennett Anthony Loses His Beard & Bottoms For Colby Jansen

A RESORT FOR NAKED GAY MEN, SOMEWHERE – Gay pornographic model Bennett Anthony made his unofficial bareback bottoming debut at Hustlaball Las Vegas, where he spread open his fiery ginger hole for Rocco Steele‘s 10 x 7 inch monster cock. Unfortunately, the studio which he is an exclusive for, MEN.COM, does not hire HIV-positive models […]