Connor Maguire And Jake Ashford Are Working Dads

MEN’s Dad Group, Part 1 is my new favorite porn series due to this line of Jake Ashford’s: “Um, technically, our Dad group is a sex group…” Connor Maguire is everything beautiful and will one day carry me over the threshold over our starter home. He’s so masculine and cute when he says he’s “happily […]

Connor Maguire’s Morning Commute Takes A Detour Into Jeremy Spreadums’ Ass

I know I’m always going on and on about my stable of porn guy boyfriends. There’s Colby. And Ashton. And then there’s Connor! Connor Maguire is so beautiful, and he’s got that ginger thing going on, and he fucks like a stevedore. Connor’s so hot that I could probably jerk off to him ironing. You […]

Please Stuff My Turkey, Connor Maguire

Oh, Connor Maguire. You are one of the sexiest guys in porn. You always look like you’re sneering, you’re a hairy firecrotch, you have body, and a big ole’ dick. And word is that you’re kinky as fuck. After watch the teaser and pics for Str8 to Gay’s Taking It Too Far, well, I wanted […]

Um, How Did I Miss This Connor Maguire Scene?

Connor, forgive me. Did I tell you guys that I worship Connor Maguire? He’s not exactly on the level of Colby Jansen for me. That level is the one I refer to as “WILLING TO BE GENETICALLY ALTERED TO BEAR HIS CHILDREN IF HE ASKED ME TO.” Colby Jansen could probably convince me to vote […]

How Come Connor Maguire is always the “Straight Guy?”

Not that he’s not convincing.    It just seems like should give somebody else the chance. Or maybe we do one of these where Connor is the straight guy but also the aggressor and spends his energy convincing his other straight friend that it’s not really gay or something. I don’t know. I don’t have […]

Party Of Five: Connor Maguire’s Orgy With The Bel Ami Boys

I’m not sure what I was doing when the Connor Maguire meets Bel Ami orgy from Naked Sword‘s Dirty Rascals came out. It could have been released around the same time as Thanksgiving, or maybe I was just otherwise preoccupied douching my hole with shattered dreams… Whatever the case, it’s one of those pseudo-events in […]

Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Connor Maguire Is A Ginger Sex God

You may have noticed that Connor Maguire has been fucking everyone in the world. This isn’t a huge secret. Much like his gay porn colleague Landon Conrad, this insanely hot redhead can’t stop pummeling assorted buttholes on camera, as if his dick is on an unstoppable quest to be inside as many people as possible. […]

Flipping Out: Connor Maguire (Finally) Bottoms Again In A New Scene With Jake Bass

Let’s start this post by acknowledging that Jake Bass defeated Bel Ami legend Lukas Ridgeston in a grueling tournament on TLA Gay, surprassing performers like Aiden Shaw, Brent Corrigan, Al Parker, Paddy O’Brian, Kevin Williams, Boomer Banks, Jeff Stryker, Landon Conrad and Austin Wilde as the fan pick for “Favorite Gay Porn Star”. Let’s continue […]

Three’s Company: Connor Maguire, Drake Tyler & Josh Villa

This threesome from Next Door Buddies works better than a lot of the scenes on their site for the following reasons—1) Connor Maguire is a fucking stud in every way imaginable, 2) Drake Tyler is a hot bottom bitch who knows how to take it, and 3) Josh Villa is decent enough that he fails to […]