Ashton McKay And Tobias Are “Raw Studs”

To preface this post, Tobias is fiery and watching him fuck is a privilege. That being, please marry me, Ashton McKay. You are a musclecub extraordinaire and I need you in me. I need to be in you. Let’s just elope. Ashton McKay and Tobias can’t keep their hands off each other’s hot bodies. It’s […]

Ashton McKay’s Living Room Orgy

Ashton McKay has ALL the boys over (Brandon Evans,Damien Kyle, Hoytt Walker, and Kyle) for a hellacious orgy in the living room. Things get so heated with all of the sucking and fucking, that Hoytt ends up with two dicks thrusting in and out of him. Simultaneously! Yeah, this one has DP AND Ashton McKay. […]

Ashton McKay Is Obviously MEN’s Favorite Performer

They’re using him TONS now, and I couldn’t be happier. Actually, I would be happier if the sexy bastard would get on Twitter so I could worship him and stalk him and make him realize that we were meant to be together. And by “together,” I mean his cock in my butt. My Cousin Ashton […]

When Titans Smash: Colby Keller And Ashton McKay

WHEN TWO OF MY FAVORITE PORN FUCKERS COME TOGETHER IT’S LIKE CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY! MEN has stuffed the gorgeous Ashton McKay’s cock into the world-famous Colby Keller’s tight ass! Ashton’s “Addicted To Ass” has reached it’s highest, achingly unbearable peak! Watching two of the sexiest men in porn go at each other has made my […]

Ashton McKay Is Addicted To Ass

You should just scroll down to watch the promo right now if you’re as in lust with Ashton McKay as I am. He is…just…he’s so…his accent. And that body. He’s so masculine. AND HE’S TALKING ABOUT HOW HE’S ADDICTED TO MAN-ASS! Just watch now and then we’ll reconvene.       How much do you […]

Will Braun Lost His Glasses, Got Fucked By My Secret Boyfriend Ashton McKay

I realize that Manhunt Daily has just about reached the Ashton McKay saturation point. Hand to the heavens, this will be the last Ashton McKay post for awhile. (Also, my OTHER secret boyfriend Colby Jansen is getting jealous.) This promo stood out to me because I immediately realized that Will Braun‘s trademark glasses were obviously […]

No, Dorian Ferro, Ashton McKay Is “My Man!”

The nerve of this whore! Dorian Ferro thinks he’s MY boyfriend’s new boyfriend and he couldn’t be more deluded! ASHTON MCKAY IS MINE. His college football player stud-looking ass belongs to ME. Watching Dorian and Ashton making out, with those big arms of McKay’s holding the little slut who’s not me made me quiver with […]

Jake Ashford Gets Spit-Roasted By Brad Banks And My Secret Boyfriend Ashton McKay

Oh, Ashton McKay. You are my secret boyfriend. Ashton the beautiful. Ashton the straight guy who is REALLY skilled at gay sex. Oh, Ashton. There ARE two other players in this latest scene from MEN’s Reverse Peeping Tom, Brad Banks and Jake Ashford. And they are almost as beautiful and fuckworthy as Ashton. In fact, […]

Beefy Fuckers: I Really Need Ashton McKay To Bottom

Ashton McKay sends me places wherein I think the load I blow might knock pictures off my wall. He’s young, beefy, and startlingly sexy. Hi Ashton! BUT HE DOESN’T BOTTOM. Right? (Unless I missed something. That’s why I keep you guys as my porn detectives.) His bubble butt NEEDS a dick in it. Don’t get […]

Ashton McKay Did A Solo Scene For ChaosMen

I’ve only been running this bitch since July but I have almost completed a rough draft of “Michael Xavier’s Hottest Guys In Porn List.” It numbers 20 and that’s probably way too much BUT DO YOU REALLY EXPECT ME TO NARROW IT DOWN TO JUST 10?!? Are you crazy? Impossible! Well, Ashton McKay is smack […]