Dante Martin Finally Gets His Dick In Jeremy Spreadums’ Ass

NextDoor tells us that Dante Martin has wanted to plant his flag in Mt. Spreadums’ for awhile now. Well, life goal accomplished because Jeremy Spreadums gets his ass ravished, reamed, and railed by Dante. Jeremy rides and grinds on Dante’s hard on, getting his fill of being on top before ceding control to Dante and […]

Jeremy Spreadums Went NextDoor!

The best-named guy (and one of the hottest bottoms) in porn is with NextDoor Studios! Jeremy Spreadums’ first scene is with tall drink of fuck Mark Long. Mark Long is this dude’s porn aka because well, he’s long. He’s long in ALL the right ways. I think Jeremy’s an excellent fit for NextDoor. He fits […]

Connor Maguire’s Morning Commute Takes A Detour Into Jeremy Spreadums’ Ass

I know I’m always going on and on about my stable of porn guy boyfriends. There’s Colby. And Ashton. And then there’s Connor! Connor Maguire is so beautiful, and he’s got that ginger thing going on, and he fucks like a stevedore. Connor’s so hot that I could probably jerk off to him ironing. You […]

Topher Dimaggio And Jeremy Spreadums Go For A Dip. In Each Other.

I wasn’t sure that Falcon Studios could top the JJ Knight episode of their “Into The Blue” series. JJ Knight’s big, long cock eclipses everything. But then I saw Topher Dimaggio and Jeremy Spreadums (who is somehow still walking after Colby Keller recently penetrated his ass) in their snug speedos, then taking off their snug […]

CockyBoys: Colby Keller’s Back! And He’s Fucking Jeremy Spreadums!

Can you imagine how many dirty pics I go through each day from the porn studios? A LOT. They vary in quality, of course. But sometimes a photoset stands out as just gorgeous, and the pics provided with Colby Keller and Jeremy Spreadums’ new scene for CockyBoys are just that. GORGEOUS. These two look good […]

Falcon: Woody Fox And Jeremy Spreadums Suck Each Other Off

Woody Fox has that paperback romance cover hero look that moistens crotches on women and men. You just want to run your hair through his sexy locks. And then grip them hard, using them to impale his face on your cock. He’s hanging out in the woods, waiting for a wet and willing mouth to […]

Huge Cocks: JJ Knight And Jeremy Spreadums Pitch A Tent

Camping is sexy! You and a “pal” (by “pal” I mean the guy you’re fucking) go fishing, build a fire, hang out in your underwear, FUCK. JJ Knight and Jeremy Spreadums find camping sexy, too. They splash around in the river, strip down to their tighty whities afterward, and get after it. Retreating to their […]

Adam Ramzi Is Fucking Jeremy Spreadums For Cocky Boys

Adam Ramzi and Jeremy Spreadums (still getting my vote for my most inspired porn alias of the 21st century) start off this scene for Cocky Boys slowly and sensuously. Adam gently but firmly takes Spreadums in hand and guides him through an erotic fuck session that only Cocky Boys can provide. As I’ve often noted, […]