What Have Bel Ami’s Freshmen Been Up To?

First, my apologies for yesterday, guys. The lack of posts was due to illness. I’m on the mend now, so I’ll try and post even more than usual to make up for it! Moving on, Freshmen is Bel Ami’s junior varsity squad. Think of it as sturdier twinks than Helix! In their latest round of releases, we’ve got twink ass getting eaten, huge cock swords being crossed…oh wait there’s proof.

Right? Where was I? Oh, right – and cum a’flyin! Get into their newest below! And click here for even more!

Oh, and MHD fun fact for my readers – you know there’s a bunch of clickable links in my posts, right? So, if you see something (or some dick) you like, just click on the name of the performer or studio!

Michael Xavier

Jamie Durell & Nate Donaghy

Kieran Benning & Joaquin Arrenas

Kieran BenningTwitter

Joaquin Arrenas Twitter

Mark Sullivan & Ryan McKenna

They didn’t include a trailer with this one, so enjoy the pics!

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